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Gregg Jarrett: Rep. Adam Schiff’s fury and outrage over seized phone records is a perverse irony

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Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Kalifornië., threw an apoplectic fit the other day when he learned that what he did to others was done to him. There is some perverse irony in all of this. Maar, natuurlik, Schiff neglected to mention...

FBI-encrypted phone app leads to hundreds of gang arrests around the world

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Law enforcement officers in Australia and New Zealand began to unveil the scope of what is known as Operation Trojan Shield late Monday. Authorities in Europe were scheduled to make their own announcement early Tuesd...

New York Times reports Trump administration secretly obtained its reportersphone records

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The Trump administration's Justice Department secretly seized months of phone records from four New York Times reporters as part of a leak investigation, the newspaper reported Wednesday. The Biden administration d...

Texas high school’s graduation ceremony saved by phone flashlights after power outage

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OKLAHOMA TEENS PRAISED FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH STUDENT WITH DOWN SYNDROME, AS GRADUATION PHOTO GOES VIRAL Video obtained by Fox News shows the graduates were able to receive their diplomas as planned on Friday after even...

‘Worst phone call of my life’: Mother of Miami banquet hall shooting victim speaks out

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"The worst phone call of my life," Angelica Green, who heard from her 24-year-old son after he was shot in the abdomen early Sunday morning, told the Miami Herald. "He was telling us if something happens to him, daardie...

Yellowstone dra aanklag van vrou wat telefonies nader gekom het, park loods ondersoek om haar op te spoor

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In die video wat aanlyn geplaas is, die ongeïdentifiseerde vrou word gesien naby die parkeerterrein van die brullende berg in die park wat 'n vroulike beer met twee welpies nader, voordat die dier na haar afstorm. Die vrou, wat aan verskyn het ...

Trump-administrasie het in die geheim CNN-verslaggewer se telefoon- en e-posrekords bekom

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Washington Die Trump-regering het die geheim in die geheim gesoek en verkry 2017 telefoon- en e-posrekords van 'n CNN-korrespondent, die nuutste geval waar federale aanklaers aggressiewe stappe gedoen het om joernaliste te rig..

Florida man burglarizing home rushed out with truck, sword, skootrekenaar, but leaves behind phone

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Daemeion Grady was arrested last Tuesday and charged with armed burglary, carjacking, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substances, methamphetamine and crack cocaine with intent to sell. FLORIDA MAN RESCU...

Red Sox fan comes up with flying bat while talking on phone during game

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The fan was on the phone when a bat flew out of Angels second baseman Jose Rojas’ hands and into the stands in the top of the second inning. Rojas appeared to be fearful once he lost the bat. Egter, the man in the ...

Beavers reportedly knock out cell phone and internet service in Canadian town

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A town in Canada lost internet access due to the actions of a local beaver. Blykbaar, the animal damaged an important cable, causing about 900 people to lose access. A spokesperson for internet provider Te...

An unarmed man was shot by a Virginia deputy while on the phone with 911

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An unarmed man was shot by a Virginia sheriff's deputy while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, according to authorities and 911 audio released Friday. Isaiah Brown, 32, was taken to a local hospital after the shoo...

90-jarige vrou uit Hong Kong verloor $32 miljoen aan telefoonbedrog

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Die polisie in Hongkong het 'n man in hegtenis geneem nadat 'n 90-jarige vrou ongeveer HK $ verloor het 247 miljoen ($ 32 miljoen) in 'n bedrogspul. Die vrou het die polisie in Maart gekontak 2 en vir hulle gesê dat sy 'n totaal van gemaak het 10 betalings na sk ...

Supreme Court to hear cases by phone through remainder of current session

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Washington Supreme Court justices will close out their oral arguments for the current session as they began, in teleconference sessions with justices and lawyers participating remotely, the court announced on Friday....

Talking on the phone for 10 minutes could make you feel less lonely, studie sê

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Talking to someone on the phone for 10 minutes multiple times a week -- if you're in control of the conversation -- can decrease loneliness, a new study revealed. Half of the 240 study participants were selected to...

GOP U. Mike Lee hands over phone records to House impeachment managers

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GOP U. Mike Lee of Utah has turned over phone records to the House impeachment managers, shedding light on the timing of a call that had been referenced during the second Senate impeachment trial of former Preside...

Utah het elke telefoon in die staat 'n noodwaarskuwing gestuur oor die vinnig stygende gevalle van Covid-19 en oorweldigende hospitale

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Die alarmwekkende waarskuwing is gestuur aan almal in Utah wat 'n telefoon gehad het wat een kon ontvang: die staat het 'n rekordgetal van Covid-19-sake bereik, en dit was tyd om ernstig te word. "Staat van Utah: COVID-19 word versprei ...

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