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Talking on the phone for 10 minutes could make you feel less lonely, dice lo studio

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Talking to someone on the phone for 10 minutes multiple times a week -- if you're in control of the conversation -- can decrease loneliness, a new study revealed. Half of the 240 study participants were selected to...

GOP You. Mike Lee hands over phone records to House impeachment managers

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GOP You. Mike Lee of Utah has turned over phone records to the House impeachment managers, shedding light on the timing of a call that had been referenced during the second Senate impeachment trial of former Preside...

Utah sent every phone in the state an emergency alert warning about rapidly rising Covid-19 cases and overwhelmed hospitals

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The alarming alert was sent to everyone in Utah who had a phone capable of receiving one: the state has reached a record number of Covid-19 cases, and it was time to get serious. "State of Utah: COVID-19 is spreadin...

Here’s what happens when you text Obama on the phone number he shared

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Questa settimana, former President Barack Obama shared something quite personal with millions of his social media followers. It was a number-- a phone number to be exact -- with a simple message from the former President: ...