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Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler photographed together for first time during night out

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Kramer, 37, and Cutler, 38, attended the opening of The Twelve Thirty Club rooftop in Nashville on Wednesday. The two posed for a photo with two other guests. Kramer and Cutler are rumored to be dating. They have bot...

Model photographed topless with Princess Eugenie’s husband on yacht issues apology: ‘It wasn’t appropriate

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Model Erica Pelosini confirmed to the Daily Mail that she was one of the women who was photographed wiping herself with a towel sans a bathing suit top while aboard a yacht with Jack Brooksbank. The photos spurred he...

DC Mayor Bowser photographed maskless at wedding reception after reinstating mask mandate

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The Democratic mayor officiated a wedding at The Line DC hotel in the district’s Adams Morgan neighborhood, where she and hundreds of others went maskless, the Washington Examiner reported. PHOTOS APPEAR TO SHOW DC M...

I detriti del razzo cinese fotografati nello spazio

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Gianluca Masi, che gestisce il Virtual Telescope Project in linea, ha scattato una foto di esposizione di 0,5 secondi del veloce razzo Long March 5B proveniente dall'Italia usando il "Elena" 17-pollici telescopio robotico Paramount. COSA SUCCEDE WH ...

Cometa appena scoperta fotografata durante l'eclissi solare

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Una cometa Sungrazer scoperta di recente è stata fotografata mentre si avvicinava al sole durante l'eclissi solare della scorsa settimana prima che evaporasse in particelle di polvere. La cometa è stata avvistata per la prima volta dall'astronomo dilettante thailandese Worachate Boo ...