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Black physicist rethinks the ‘darkin dark matter

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When many kids were running around playing tag or video games, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein was thinking about particle physics. After her mother took her to see "A Brief History of Time," Errol Morris' 1991 documentar...

Physicist to Tucker Carlson: Climate change is ‘fiction of the media’

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"It’s a fiction of the media," él dijo. "And the politicians who like to promote that notion." According to data from the U.S. Gobierno, Koonin explained, existen "no detectable human influences" on natural disas...

She never won a Nobel prize. But today this pioneering physicist is getting her face on a stamp

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Chien-Shiung Wu isn't a household name, but the pioneering physicist's portrait could be coming soon to a mailbox near you. Her face is the latest image on a US Postal Service stamp issued on Thursday. And the timin...