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Get to know Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Biden’s CDC director pick

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When Dr. Rochelle Walensky began her career at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the mid-1990s, finding ways to take on the HIV/AIDS epidemic was an urgent medical priority. That challenge motivated Walensky to devote h...

Oxford English Dictionary couldn’t pick just one ‘word of the year’ por 2020

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The Oxford English Dictionary (LA EDAD) has been unable to name its traditional word of the year for 2020, instead exploring how far and how quickly the language has developed this year. "It quickly became apparent that...

Biden’s intelligence chief pick promises to ‘speak truth to powerin shift from Trump era

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Washington President-elect Joe Biden's nominee to lead the US intelligence community, Avril Haines, made clear Tuesday that she intends to continue "speaking truth to power" if confirmed as the first woman to occupy ...

Agentes fronterizos en Texas recogen a pandilleros de la MS-13, delincuente sexual

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Agentes en McAllen detuvieron a un migrante hondureño el miércoles que se descubrió que tenía afiliaciones con la MS-13., y horas después detuvieron a un migrante de Guatemala que se determinó que era miembro de una pandilla de la MS-13..

El Correo de Washington: Trump considered daughter Ivanka as 2016 vice presidential pick, according to book by former campaign aide

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Washington President Donald Trump floated his daughter Ivanka Trump as a vice presidential running mate during the 2016 elección, according to a report by The Washington Post on Monday. Citing an upcoming book by fo...

A Congressman got on his knees to pick up trash left after the deadly Capitol riot

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Reps. Andy Kim says he was devastated to see the smashed furniture, broken American flags, cigarette butts and other debris left behind by the pro-Trump mob that ran wild in the US Capitol. So he found a trash bag, g...

Raphael Warnock honors the journey of his 82-year-old mother, who as a teen ‘used to pick somebody else’s cotton

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As the Rev. Raphael Warnock makes history by being elected the first Black US senator from Georgia, he's thinking of the remarkable journey of his mother. Verlene Warnock spent her summers picking cotton and tobacco...

Biden CBP pick Chris Magnus faced claims he discriminated against Black officers, made racist jokes

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La demanda, which covered claims going back to 2006 y 2007 and was eventually rejected in 2012 by a jury, could prove to be an issue for Chris Magnus at a time when Democrats and even some Biden administration off...

Is this Joe Biden pick already doomed?

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El lunes, President-elect Joe Biden announced that Neera Tanden was his pick to be the next Office of Management and Budget director. Más que 18 hours prior, sin embargo, Republicans were already predicting that Tan...

Investigators say Los Angeles deputies fired 19 times at Dijon Kizzee after he tried to pick up a gun

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Investigators looking into the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Black man Dijon Kizzee say he picked up a gun he had dropped before two deputies fired 19 rounds, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Thursda...

La elección de Biden para el puesto principal de política del Pentágono se disculpa por los tweets anteriores en la audiencia de confirmación

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El nominado del presidente Joe Biden para convertirse en el principal funcionario de políticas en el Pentágono, Colin Kahl, se disculpó con los senadores republicanos por usar "a veces irrespetuoso" lenguaje en tweets criticando a varios administradores de Trump..

Jokic leads All-NBA team; MVP runner-up Embiid 2nd-team pick

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Here’s the rarity: The MVP runner-up was not a first-team selection. Jokic headlined the All-NBA first team that was unveiled Tuesday night, but Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid — who was second in the MVP race — only made...

Biden announces Rachel Levine as pick for assistant secretary at HHS, would be first transgender Senate-confirmed federal official

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President-elect Joe Biden has nominated Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as assistant health secretary, and she would make history as the first out, transgender federal official to be confirmed by the United States Senate...

A congressional waiver is the biggest hurdle for Biden’s defense pick

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The biggest obstacle to retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin's nomination for secretary of defense is his retirement date from the military just four years ago -- too recent under American law and for the tastes of severa...

Champions League draw: Barcelona faces Paris Saint-Germain in pick of round of 16 corbatas

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After six thrilling match days, the Champions League group stages are over and we now look forward to the knockout stages of Europe's most prestigious competition. The pandemic has meant the vast majority of the gam...

Pompeo meeting with Biden’s secretary of state pick for first time

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Washington Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is meeting with Antony Blinken, President-elect Joe Biden's nominee to be his successor, for the first time on Friday. Blinken and Pompeo were originally slated to meet in mi...

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