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BLM gave $200,000 to Chicago group whose leader calls cops ‘pigs

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Equity and Transformation (EAT), established in 2018, is a Chicago-based social justice nonprofit founded "by and for post-incarcerated people," según su sitio web. Recently released tax forms for the BLM Globa...

Pigs go hog wild on golf course, injure two and force club closure

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The festive season is typically time for pigs in blankets, but at one British golf club, some oinkers have been creating quite a stir. Two huge pigs recently made their way onto the course at Lightcliffe Golf Club ...

Leon Panetta calls Afghanistan a ‘Bay of Pigsmoment for Biden: ‘Our credibility right now is in question

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Biden has come under sharp criticism for the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban seizes control, and Panetta was asked by CNN's John King what this moment meant for the president. "In many ways, I think of ...

Prados: La administración de Biden 'usa las escuelas como incubación para los conejillos de indias en la teoría crítica radical' de la raza

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SEC DE EDUCACIÓN ANTERIOR. DEVOS LANZA LOS 'MUCHOS LAZOS' DE BIDEN ADMIN A LA TEORÍA CRÍTICA DE LA CARRERA 'TORCIDA Y DEFORMADA' MARK MEADOWS: Bien, cuando tienes eso, Puedo decirles que la administración anterior bajo Donald Trump, w ...

Juicio de Derek Chauvin: Pig’s head left at former home of defense witness

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La semana pasada, Barry Brodd, the retired police officer, said he believed the former Minneapolis officer was justified in his use of force during the George Floyd arrest. REPS. MAXINE WATERS CRITICIZED OVER MENTS IN MINNES...

Pig’s blood was smeared on the former home of the use-of-force expert who testified for the defense in Chauvin’s trial, la policía dice

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The former California home of use-of-force expert Barry Brodd was smeared with pig's blood Saturday, four days after he testified for the defense in Derek Chauvin's trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota, la policía dijo. Bro...

Pigs can be taught how to use joysticks, experiment finds

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The intelligence of pigs has long been renowned -- and scientists in the US have now found that they are clever enough to be able to use computer joysticks. Researchers from Purdue University in Indiana said they w...