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Verpakkers’ pitch to Aaron Rodgers: ‘There’s no plans for a rebuild

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Blykbaar, neither does his current coach. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "There’s no plan for a rebuild," Packers coach Matt LaFleur said Monday, two days after the Packers’ season ended with a 13-10 Dit...

Chelsea star Sam Kerr roughs up pitch invader, manager calls for increased security

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Kerr, who was playing for Chelsea when her club was going up against Juventus in a Women’s Champions League match, appeared to be upset when a man came onto the field and stopped play. The man was able to just wander...

Die Chelsea-ster, Sam Kerr, gooi die indringer op die grond, kry geelkaart in Women's Champions League-wedstryd

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Sam Kerr het Woensdagaand tydens Chelsea's 'n veldindringer op die grond gestamp 0-0 gelykop met Juventus in die Women's Champions League en is daarna 'n geelkaart daarvoor gewys. Soos die wedstryd in die groep st...

Nieu-Seelandse krieketwedstryd opgeskort as veld wat deur bye binnegeval is

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'n Krieketwedstryd in Nieu-Seeland is opgeskort toe die veld deur 'n paar ongewone besoekers binnegeval is: 'n swerm bye. Canterbury en Wellington het 'n Plunket Shield-wedstryd by Basin Reserve in Wellington op Sund gespeel..

Biden maak sy afsluiting in Virginia deur op Youngkin af te laai en hom met Trump te vergelyk

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Arlington, Virginia-president Joe Biden het Dinsdag die Virginia-republikein Glenn Youngkin tydens sy laaste geleentheid saam met die Demokraat Terry McAuliffe voor volgende week se verkiesing uitgeskel., herhaaldelik vergelyk die gubernato ...

Houston nun throws out first pitch before ALCS win: ‘This is our time

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Sister Mary Catherine, a member of the Astros fan club "Rally Nuns" who attend games at Minute Maid Park, threw out the first pitch. She then pointed to her wrist, asking the Astros faithful what time it was. Obviou...

Biden heads to hometown Scranton to pitch shrinking spending agenda

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The president is expected to lay out the impact of the bipartisan infrastructure plan as well as his Build Back Better agenda on Pennsylvania. BIDEN LOWERS SPENDING BILL TARGET TO BETWEEN $ 1.75T AND $ 1.9T: REPORT...

US climate action is on the line as negotiations in Congress reach a fever pitch

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With just one month to go until a pivotal UN climate change conference in Glasgow, President Joe Biden's climate agenda is on the line. The fate of Biden's ambitious climate promises is wrapped up in a large budget...

UFC’s Conor McGregor throws awful first pitch at Cubs game: ‘It’s a little off

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McGregor looked like he might have been lining up to throw a pitch right down home plate but the ball released far off to the right, nearly striking a fan in the front row. CONOR MCGREGOR BRUSHES OFF MACHINE GUN KEL...

UN chief says climate alarms are ringing at a ‘fever pitchin frustrated speech

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New York UN Secretary General António Guterres appealed to world leaders Tuesday to show solidarity and act on the climate crisis, warning that humanity was on track for a "hellscape" of temperature rise that would b...

Two-way star Shohei Ohtani to pitch Sunday for Angels

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Ohtani threw about 30 pitches Friday, and the Angels decided their two-way superstar isn't done yet on the mound as they finish out another non-playoff season. Ohtani is 9-2 met 'n 3.36 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP in 21 pitc...

Mike Piazza se video-pitch vir Larry Elder slaag nie daarin om kiesers in Kalifornië te swaai om Newsom in herroepingsverkiesing te verdryf nie

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Newsom het daarin geslaag om uitdagings van Elder en 'n veld van ander Republikeine af te weer om in die amp te bly om sy termyn te voltooi. Met Dinsdag as besluitdag in die herroepingsverkiesing, Piazza, 53, 'n voormalige ster met die N...

Former Yankees player Roger Clemens on how he was ‘supposed to pitchthe night of 9/11

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Clemens opened by remarking on his reaction to hearing many people’s accounts of the attacks on 9/11, especially the now-grown children of the victims. "Vir my, just hearing from the 20-year-old kids that had lost th...

Jays score winning run on wild pitch, beat White Sox 2-1

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Valera ran for Reese McGuire after the Blue Jays catcher singled off Craig Kimbrel (2-4) to begin the inning. Valera took second on a wild third strike to Bo Bichette, advanced to third on a groundout, and scored whe...

Nice vs. Marseille: French top-flight league match abandoned after fans invade pitch and clash with players

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A top-flight French league game between Nice and Marseille was abandoned on Sunday after fans invaded the pitch and a mass brawl broke out, involving players and staff. "The game between Nice and Marseille on Sunday...

Wild pitch in 10th inning sends Padres past Phillies 4-3

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"I'm so proud of the guys. Everything has been tough as of late. Nothing has come easily. ... Runs are tough to come by right now," Padres manager Jayce Tingler said. "Dit (the win) can definitely jump start us now." ...

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