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Historic drought in West brings plague of grasshoppers

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Federal agriculture officials are launching what could become their largest grasshopper-killing campaign since the 1980s amid an outbreak of the drought-loving insects that cattle ranchers fear will strip bare public...

Australian prison to be evacuated due to plague of mice

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Rondom 200 staff and 420 inmates will be transferred from the Wellington Correctional Center in rural New South Wales state to other prisons in the region during the next 10 days while cleaning and repairs take place...

Plague wasn’t the only disease that afflicted medieval Britons. Cancer did, ook

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The earliest description of cancer is from an ancient Egyptian papyrus, and going back further, even dinosaurs suffered a form of the disease. But cancer long has been thought to have become a common disease only in...

Plaaggeskiedenis wys hoe 'n pandemie se gang gevorm kan word

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Pesuitbrake in Londen het in die 17de eeu vier keer vinniger versprei as in die 14de eeu, navorsers het geskat nadat hulle testamente en sterfrekords bestudeer het. Navorsers van die Kanada se McMa ...

Pope says gossip is a ‘plague worse than Covid

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Rome Pope Francis has once again condemned gossip, describing it as a "plague worse than Covid," during his Sunday prayers. The Pope also said that the devil is a gossiper who aims to divide the Catholic Church. "Gos...