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Pioggia, neve di montagna in tutto il nord-ovest, temperature miti nelle pianure e nel Midwest

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chiudi Video Previsioni nazionali, Jan. 13 Janice Dean ha il tuo FoxCast. Un altro giorno di pioggia e neve di montagna è previsto mercoledì attraverso il nord-ovest fino alla California settentrionale. Gli orologi Flood sono attivi..

Great Plains, East warm up as heavy snow slams Northwest

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close Video top headlines for January 12<br> After a chilly winter storm smacked Texas and other parts of the Gulf Coast, a newly-formed atmospheric event will dump snow, rain and more on the Pacific N...

Storm to dump heavy snow in parts of Plains, Mississippi Valley

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close Video Can it be too cold to snow? Why lifting of air matters As the temperature drops and precipitation looms during the winter, many wonder whether it can ever be too cold to snow. Here's why snow can be c...

Forti piogge sulla costa occidentale, il clima invernale si sposterà nelle pianure settentrionali

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chiudi Titoli principali dei video di gennaio 6 Another round of heavy rain will move into the West Coast from Northern California up to the Pacific Northwest, with snow piling up across the higher elevations. Up...

Le pianure e il sud potrebbero vedere un'altra grande tempesta invernale questa settimana

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chiudi Titoli principali dei video di gennaio 5 As heavy precipitation continues to impact much of the western United States, the Great Plains and America's South will be subjected to even more winter storm conditio...

Winter weather advisories and warnings in effect as strong storm system stretches over Rockies, Pianure

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chiudi Video Previsioni nazionali, Dic. 29 Adam Klotz ha il tuo FoxCast. A strong storm system is stretched across the Rockies and Plains on Tuesday, bringing a wide variety of winter weather to large chunks of the ...

Storm will bring heavy snow to parts of the southern Plains, heavy rain and thunderstorms further East

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close Video Nor'easter vs. Alberta Clipper: Here's the difference In winter you’ll often hear meteorologists refer to two types of snowmakers, a Nor’easter and an Alberta Clipper. But just because these winter st...

Grande tempesta di neve che porta la neve, pioggia gelata nelle pianure mentre la California è a rischio di incendio estremo

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chiudi Video Previsioni nazionali per lunedì, ottobre 26 Janice Dean ha il tuo FoxCast. Un forte temporale invernale di inizio stagione sta diffondendo la neve e la pioggia gelata nelle pianure lunedì a causa di condizioni meteorologiche estreme..

Old Man Winter arrives early for millions across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest

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Winter is creeping in early as two separate systems bring snow and ice from Washington to Wisconsin. Even southern states like Oklahoma and Texas are in for a big chill through this weekend. Nearly five million Amer...

Cold air moves into the Plains and Midwest, above average temps in California and Southwest

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chiudi Titoli principali dei video di ottobre 15 A blast of cold air is moving into the Plains and Midwest on Thursday and then across the East Coast on Friday and Saturday with temperatures plunging 20-30 degrees c...