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Afghanistan foils ISIS plan to assassinate the top US envoy to Kabul

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Kabul Afghanistan's intelligence agency have said they foiled an attempt by an ISIS cell of four members to assassinate a US diplomat in Kabul. The US Charge d'Affaires in Kabul, ロスウィルソン, was the target of the pl...

その. Lindsey Graham blasts Democrats court-packing plan; says Biden has created ‘instability

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ITS. リンゼー・グラム: [最高裁判所] is conservative and they want it to be liberal. There’s nothing broken about the Supreme Court. There are nine justices, it’s been that way since 1869, おもう. They want to t...

「特別レポート’ All-Star panel on migrant surge, Biden’s budget plan

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(ビデオクリップを開始)ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: We do apply the laws ofthe United States. We'll continue to apply the laws of the United States.And we will do so to maximum effect for the benefit o...

イドリス・アデバヨのバナープラン: マイアミで元気を取り戻すためにオリンピックの金を獲得する

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ヒートのメンバーとして獲得したオリンピックの金メダルを記念します. そして、BamAdebayoは1つを望んでいます. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . ヒートセンターと彼のUSAバスケットボールチームメイト—フロリダにクリアされた人々。.

Laundrie family spends National Daughter’s Day ducking scrutiny as Petito’s parents plan funeral

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プチトのお母さん, ニコールシュミット, posted on Facebook Friday to grieve the loss of her daughter. "As I scroll through all the posts, my heart is full of love. I wish I could reach out and hug each and every one of you...


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ニューヨーク民主党知事. アンドリュー・クオモの事務所は、ニューヨーク州の司法長官と控訴裁判所の最高裁判所長官に、共同で実施する独立した弁護士を選ぶよう要請しました。 "徹底的なレビュー" 性的hの...

Progressives think Biden’s latest $1.8T families plan isn’t big enough

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Biden's tax and spending plan makes major new investments in education, child care and paid family leave and is funded by raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. But the plan didn't go far enough on universal chil...

Former Detroit police chief: ‘Bail reform is a failureand Biden’s plan isn’t addressing it

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BIDEN TOUTS NEW CRIME PREVENTION STRATEGY FOCUSED ON GUN CONTROL JAMES CRAIG: His program falls short on a couple of fronts. まず第一に, he did talk very briefly, maybe 10 秒, about having a properly function...

Ingraham battles GOP senator who backs Biden infrastructure plan: ‘You guys got played on this

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Cassidy's bipartisan negotiating group includes Senators Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Mitt Romney of Utah, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Robert Portman of Ohio and Susan Collins of Maine on the Republican side. Host Lau...

カリフォルニアの両親, 教師は、学校のワクチンの義務に抗議するために州全体のストライキを計画しています

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計画された抗議についてのニュースがソーシャルメディアで広まった, 主催者は、親が子供たちを学校から引き離し、抗議を支持する教師とスタッフが家にいることを提案しました. カリフォルニアはtになりました。.

NASA outlines $28 billion plan to land the first woman on the Moon by 2024

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NASA has big plans for 2024. The space agency said that in four years, it plans to land the first woman ever on the Moon and the first man since 1972 through its Artemis program. The program calls for $ 28 十億 ...

What happens next? The plan for Prince Philip’s mourning period and funeral

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London The death of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, on Friday has set in motion a carefully orchestrated, days-long event that will culminate with his funeral. Plans for a major royal death are made...

White House walks back Biden’s false claim about Fed chairs supporting spending plan

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先週, Biden told reporters that the past five chairs of the Federal Reserve have come out in support of his American Jobs Plan, the multitrillion-dollar spending proposal that his administration has tried to mar...

ガトフェルド!’ on Biden’s vaccine plan

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ローラ・イングラム, FOXニュースホスト: Not twice as good, just accurate. She was given tenure despite lacking any qualifications, 恥ずかしい. "グッドフィールド!" next.(ビデオクリップを開始)ブライアン・ステルター, CNN ANCHOR: We heard from the g...

共和党議員は、ハウスが避難計画を要求するアフガニスタン法案を検討することを要求します, アメリカ人の最新情報

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マッカーシーは共和党議員を率いた, そのうちの何人かはアフガニスタン戦争のベテランです, 担当者によって再導入される予定の法案への投票を求める. マイク・ギャラガー, R-Wis. 法案は、バイデン政権が証明することを要求するでしょう。.

マルコ・ルビオ: Biden’s ‘build back socialism’ plan designed to take control of America

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マルコ・ルビオ: The dividing line in politics isn’t even left or right anymore. It is crazy versus normal. It’s these people that run our school systems and parents, who during the pandemic for the first time got to see...

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