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Enraged Trump may lash out at big tech after Twitter ban but plans not final

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President Donald Trump is itching to lash out at Big Tech after many companies banned him from their platforms and could deliver public remarks at some point Monday but plans haven't been finalized, people familiar ...

Poland plans to spend over $400 million on wall on Belarus border

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Poland plans to spend over 1.6 billion zlotys ($ 404 millón) on building a wall on its border with Belarus, according to a draft bill lawmakers are due to discuss on Wednesday, in a bid to stem the flow of migrant...

Pence skips public health recommended self-quarantine but does change plans after staff outbreak

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Vicepresidente Mike Pence, despite flouting public health guidelines by still campaigning after being exposed to people testing positive with coronavirus, is taking some precautions on the road. At least five people...

Phoenix nonprofit plans to vaccinate 500 homeless people in 5 dias

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Fénix, AZ More than four months after the first coronavirus vaccine hit American arms, a week-long drive to vaccinate the homeless against Covid-19 is underway in Phoenix. With the goal of vaccinating 500 people i...

How Biden plans to undo Trump’s ‘America Firstforeign policy and return US to world stage

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Washington After four years of norm-bending, treaty-disrupting and alliance-shaking foreign policy from the Trump administration, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is promising to return the US to its more ...

Koepka hobbled, but plans to fight through at the Masters

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Getting to the ball for those swings is the problem. Less than a month removed from a March 16 surgery following a fall that left him with a dislocated right kneecap and damaged ligament, Koepka is at Augusta Nationa...

Mets’ deGrom obtiene una resonancia magnética limpia en el hombro, no hay planes para IL

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DeGrom dejó su segunda apertura consecutiva con una lesión en el brazo, saliendo después de tres entradas perfectas contra los Cachorros de Chicago el miércoles por la noche con dolor en el hombro derecho. Le hicieron una resonancia magnética el jueves en el Hospital para ....

Rain could dampen your star-spangled plans this weekend

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The Fourth of July finally falls on a weekend and people are looking to get outdoors -- but in some regions of the US, an umbrella will be on the packing list, while sunscreen and a way to cool down are on others. ...

Denmark plans to cull up to 17 million mink to stop mutated coronavirus

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Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink furs, plans to cull all mink in the country to contain a mutated form of novel coronavirus. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Wednesday the decision had been made wi...

James Franco habla de distancia profesional con su amigo Seth Rogen: "No tenemos planes de trabajar juntos’

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Los actores son colaboradores desde hace mucho tiempo., pero en un nuevo, Entrevista en profundidad sobre su vida - escándalos y todo - Franco reveló un poco más sobre la distancia entre él y Rogen, que fue provocada por el error sexual..

El jefe de policía republicano de Detroit planea anunciar el desafío de Whitmer: informes

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Politico informó que Craig, un republicano, podría ser emocionante para la fiesta en el estado, que lo ve como un candidato viable que tiene un atractivo transversal. Craig apareció durante el fin de semana en Fox News " "Justicia con juez..

Federal judge rejects Trump’s efforts to curtail New Jersey vote-by-mail plans

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A federal judge in New Jersey on Tuesday rejected an attempt by President Donald Trump's campaign to curtail part of the state's vote-by-mail plan just weeks before Election Day. Trump's campaign had asked the cou...

European leaders seized more power during the pandemic. Few have ‘exit plansto hand it back

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London and Paris Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives across Europe due to Covid-19, and many more have suffered long-term ill health after contracting the disease. They're not the only casualties of...

A Black museum plans to melt down Charlottesville Robert E. Lee statue to create new art

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A statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee that stood in the heart of Charlottesville, Virginia, for almost a century will be melted down into bronze ingots that will be used to create new public art. The city co...

Biden administration announces plans for massive expansion of wind farms off US coasts

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The Biden administration is planning to aggressively expand offshore wind energy capacity in the United States, potentially holding as many as seven new offshore lease sales by 2025. The move was announced Wednesda...

Super League to amend plans for elite tournament after UK teams say they won’t participate

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The architects of the European Super League appeared to strike a defiant tone Tuesday, promising to "reshape the project" following the withdrawal of all six English clubs from the controversial breakaway competitio...

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