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Bloomberg plans to spend at least $100 million in Florida to support Biden

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Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to spend at least $ 100 million in the crucial battleground of Florida in support of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a source familiar with the plan...

Pennsylvania plans to appeal ruling that declared bans on some large gatherings unconstitutional

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The office of Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement Monday that his administration plans to appeal a federal court ruling that declared some prohibitions on certain types of large gatherings unco...

Knocked off the doorsteps by the coronavirus, Democrats craft new plans to reach voters

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The Democratic Party's grassroots campaign renaissance is facing an existential challenge ahead of the November election, with the sharpest tool in organizers' kits -- face-to-face meetings at potential voters' door...

Trump administration plans to appeal second census lawsuit to Supreme Court

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The Trump administration said Wednesday that it plans to take a second fight over citizenship and the 2020 census to the Supreme Court. The challenge is to the injunction issued last week blocking the Commerce Depar...

The US plans to execute a man for a crime he committed at 19. Scientists say the research on brain development makes that wrong

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For the first time in nearly 70 años, the United States will execute a man for a crime he committed as a teenager. Christopher Vialva, 40, is set to receive the death penalty on Thursday at a federal prison in Terr...

Melania Trump has no plans to leave White House while sick, oficial dice, contrasting with the President

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First lady Melania Trump has no plans to leave the White House while she convalesces at the Executive Residence after contracting Covid-19, an official confirmed to CNN on Monday. The decision marks a stark contrast...

Federal judge rejects Trump’s efforts to curtail New Jersey vote-by-mail plans

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A federal judge in New Jersey on Tuesday rejected an attempt by President Donald Trump's campaign to curtail part of the state's vote-by-mail plan just weeks before Election Day. Trump's campaign had asked the cou...

Colorado residents asked to make evacuation plans as the Calwood Fire breaks out

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Colorado officials are asking residents in Jamestown to make evacuation plans as firefighters continue battling the newly sparked Calwood Fire. The fire began around noon Saturday north of Jamestown, according to G...

Melania Trump cancels plans to attend Tuesday rally citing Covid recovery

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Melania Trump is canceling her first campaign appearance in months because she is not feeling well as she continues to recover from Covid-19. She had been set to join President Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania o...

Pence skips public health recommended self-quarantine but does change plans after staff outbreak

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Vicepresidente Mike Pence, despite flouting public health guidelines by still campaigning after being exposed to people testing positive with coronavirus, is taking some precautions on the road. At least five people...

How Biden plans to undo Trump’s ‘America Firstforeign policy and return US to world stage

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Washington After four years of norm-bending, treaty-disrupting and alliance-shaking foreign policy from the Trump administration, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is promising to return the US to its more ...

Denmark plans to cull up to 17 million mink to stop mutated coronavirus

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Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink furs, plans to cull all mink in the country to contain a mutated form of novel coronavirus. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Wednesday the decision had been made wi...

A distressed Trump has told people he has no plans to concede even if his path to victory is blocked

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Facing a disappearing pathway to victory, President Donald Trump offered little indication on Friday he was prepared to concede defeat, leading those around him to wonder who might be able to reckon with a leader wh...

What Joe Biden’s choice for chief of staff says about his plans for the presidency

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RESOLVED: The single most important personnel decision a newly elected president makes is who will serve as their chief of staff. The pick not only reveals how the president-elect views himself -- his strengths, hi...

House Dems modify plans for group dinner in Capitol amid questions about gathering during coronavirus surge

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Newly elected Democratic members of the House are no longer attending a group dinner planned for Statuary Hall in the Capitol Friday night after Democratic leadership faced questions about the gathering amid a natio...

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones plans for more fans in stands despite surging Covid-19 cases

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Despite a surge in Covid-19 cases in Texas and across the country, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones plans to continue his team's "aggressive approach" to fan attendance at home games. Jones said more than 30,000 Al menos diez personas resultaron heridas durante celebraciones en el centro de Chapel Hill.

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