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Koepka plays through knee issue, lote 74 to open Masters

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His swing was. Koepka never got clicking Thursday at Augusta National, his 2-over 74 putting him squarely in the middle of the Masters pack. He started with six pars and then the adventure began — with just four more...

Augusta Nationals plays through debate over Ga voting law

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That strategy has served the home of the Masters well in previous debates over efforts to keep out Black and female members. So, it was no surprise when Chairman Fred Ridley played through any attempt Wednesday to en...

A man plays the same lottery numbers twice — en het $200,000 to show for it

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. You know how they say that anything worth doing is worth doin...

‘The Mighty Ducksplays the same old game, but that’s the goal

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Nobody was really asking for another "The Mighty Ducks" revival, but when stocking the shelves of a streaming service, recognizable titles remain the golden eggs. Tik in "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers," a likable D...

While Brazilians wait for a vaccine, Bolsonaro plays politics

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Many countries are getting a shot of hope this month as they vaccinate health workers against the coronavirus, but Brazil seems stuck in limbo, despite its own vaunted national vaccination program. In an early Chr...

‘Bridgerton’ brings steamy romance to Netflix but plays a weak hand

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After owning Thursday night on ABC, "Grey's Anatomy" producer Shonda Rhimes' first series under her Netflix deal should feel like an occasion. As opening bids go, egter, "Bridgerton" plays a weak hand, turning Jul...

Ole Miss sokkerafrigter 'kon nie minder omgee nie’ of sy seun ooit na die speler se besering in die oefening speel

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Lane Kiffin, sokkerafrigter van die Universiteit van Mississippi, het sy seun se toekoms in die sport bevraagteken nadat een van sy spelers Maandag in die oefening ernstig beseer is.. Damarcus Thomas is getref en het na berig word geen fe ...