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White House economic adviser pressed on budget pledge: ‘Is inflation not a tax on families?’

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Deese, a former BlackRock executive, defended the budget proposal and reiterated the left's long-held belief that the wealthiest Americans do not pay their proverbial fair share. Deese told "America Reports" coanfitrión ...

Texas student alleging harassment over sitting during pledge gets $90K: ‘Communists

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"Throughout her time in high school, the student exercised her constitutional right to decline to participate in the Pledge out of her objection to the words, ‘Under God,’ and her belief that the United States does n...

150 law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada take pledge to increase women in the ranks to 30% por 2030

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The Memphis Police Department and the New York State Police took a pledge this week to increase the representation of women in their ranks to 30%, joining a total of 150 law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada...

Wisconsin county supervisor wants Pledge of Allegiance gone, says it’s not ‘inclusive

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"It just doesn’t feel like it’s appropriate for us to be doing, when in a pluralistic society we want to be inclusive and representative," said Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County supervisor, según Fox 6. "At the en...

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pledge to match donations for Ukrainian refugees up to $1 millón

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Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are promising to match every donation up to $ 1 million for refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, the couple said on social media. "En 48 horas, countless Ukrainians were forced to...

G7 foreign ministers pledge ‘unwavering commitment’ to Ukrainian sovereignty in face of Russian buildup

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"We reiterate our unwavering commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders and territorial waters," the statement from the foreign ministers of the U...

Gowdy: se inclina por el interés

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se inclina por el interés: se inclina por el interés. se inclina por el interés ...

Jonathan Turley: [object Window], [object Window]

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Durante una aparición en "El ángulo de Ingraham," Turley señaló que los presidentes Reagan y Trump también nominaron a mujeres, pero manejaron las nominaciones de manera muy diferente a como lo ha hecho Biden.. Turley señaló que los presidentes Reagan y Trump también nominaron a mujeres, pero manejaron las nominaciones de manera muy diferente a como lo ha hecho Biden..

China’s CEO joins billionaire charity rush with $2.3 billion share pledge

23 Puntos de vista0 Comentarios founder and CEO Richard Liu will donate company shares worth about $ 2.34 billion to charity, the Chinese e-commerce giant said on Wednesday, adding to a list of similar philanthropic pledges from the country...

Las mujeres negras en la órbita del vicepresidente agradecen a Biden por comprometerse a nominar a una mujer negra a la Corte Suprema

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Más que 100 Mujeres líderes negras influyentes agradecieron al presidente Joe Biden en una carta por cumplir su promesa de nominar a una mujer negra a la Corte Suprema., quien si se confirma, sería el primero en sentarse en el ...

Biden’s Supreme Court pledge is not Reagan’s nor Trump’s—it’s unfair

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When he made that pledge, some of us raised concerns that he was adopting a threshold racial and gender qualification for the Court. That claims were immediately challenged by liberal commentators and their authority...

Fauci says US won’t ‘eradicate’ COVID-19, despite Biden pledge to ‘shut down the virus

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El miércoles, Fauci said that "we're not going to eradicate [the coronavirus]." "Asi que, if we’re going to look ahead at what happens when this peaks and it ultimately goes down — as I’ve said on previous pressers here f...

Democrats defend flip-flopping on 2017 pledge to preserve filibuster

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En 2017, 61 senators penned a bipartisan letter to then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., urging them to preserve the filibuster as a way to promote bipartisanship a...

Biden se compromete a "acabar con el virus"’ cuestionado mientras el presidente predice un pico de COVID-19 en invierno

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Biden prometió rutinariamente en la campaña electoral que lo haría "apagar" el virus si es elegido. Biden afirmó regularmente que era el ex presidente Trump "ineptitud" que "hizo que el país tuviera que cerrar ...

Beto O’Rourke stands by infamous pledge to ‘takeguns from Americans if elected Texas governor

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"I still hold this view," the former presidential candidate, whose real name is Robert Francis O'Rourke, said on CNN’s "Estado de la unión" el domingo. En este septiembre. 7, 2019 foto de archivo, Democratic presiden...

Indonesia signals about-face on COP26 deforestation pledge

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Indonesia's environment minister has dismissed as "inappropriate and unfair" a global plan to end deforestation by 2030, days after her country, home to a third of the world's rainforests, Unido 127 other nations in...

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