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'Friends'-sitkomskepper het gespot vir 'n belofte $4 miljoen aan skadevergoeding vir haar vertoning se gebrek aan diversiteit

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Die L.A. Tydstuk oor Kauffman gelees, "Ten spyte van [Vriende] sukses, wel, die komedie is herhaaldelik gekritiseer vir sy gebrek aan diversiteit, met talle waarnemers wat wonder hoe die karakters in 'n oorheersende bestaan ​​het...

Atlanta arborists are pledging to replace every tree they remove from the metro area

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Not every urban metropolis is known as the City in the Forest like Atlanta is. So tree loss is something the city takes seriously. And now arborists in Atlanta are teaming up to save the city's trees by setting an a...

Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt releases immigration platform, pledging to put American workers first

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Britt is vying for the Republican nomination for the Senate race that will fill the seat of retiring Sen. Richard Shelby -- for whom she worked as chief of staff. The race was recently shaken up when former President...

Major banks pledging net zero are pouring money into the dirtiest fossil fuel

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ShanghaiFinancial institutions channeled more than $ 1.5 trillion into the coal industry in loans and underwriting from January 2019 tot November 2021, even though many have made net-zero pledges, a report by a group...

Mark Ruffalo pledges support for illegal immigrants pledging not to work on Valentine’s Day

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"I stand with the thousands of immigrants pledging not to work, go to school, or shop on #ValentinesDay," Ruffalo wrote on his Twitter account. "Our nation depends on undocumented immigrants every single day. We need...

Hannity: Biden gone from pledging unity to using Americans as political scapegoats

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Biden announced Thursday that employers with fewer than 100 employees would be required to mandate employees be vaccinated or test them weekly, drawing sharp criticism from Republicans and questions from critics abou...

Firefighter-owned coffee company pledging $25K to first responders before 9/11

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Company founder and CEO Eli Held joined "jakkals & Vriende-naweek" on Sunday to illustrate how the California-based coffee vendor unconditionally supports the country’s first responders. "It’s really about giving ba...