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Anderson Cooper explores loss and grief in deeply personal new CNN podcast

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In his new podcast, All There Is with Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor reveals a personal struggle -- part of his life he has rarely talked about before. Cooper began recording the podcast alone while packing up the ...

Meghan Markle podcast on hold during Queen Elizabeth II mourning period

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"New episodes will be paused during the official mourning period for Her Majesty The Queen," according to the official Spotify page. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from their royal duties in 20...

Indiana kinderpornografie verdagte gekoppel aan Delphi-moorde om seksuele gunste uit die tronk te werf, podcast-gashere sê

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"Benewens geld wil hê, vroue het hom gekontak, en hy probeer hulle seksueel uitbuit om hulle inligting oor die saak te gee," podcast-gasheer en prokureur Kevin Greenlee het aan Fox News Digit gesê..

Meghan, Hertogin van Sussex en Mariah Carey praat tweerassige identiteit in 'n nuwe podcast

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Meghan, Hertogin van Sussex het teruggekeer met die tweede episode van haar "Argetipes" podcast hierdie week, hierdie keer met 'n gesprek met Mariah Carey. Die twee vroue het hul tweerassige identiteite bespreek. Carey oop...

Chris Cuomo’s Return: Disgraced CNN anchor launches podcast, claims he’ll ‘never be a haterof former network

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Cuomo’s project is set to air on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week and feature prominent guests. The podcast’s YouTube description stated that the show will give Cuomo’s "signature take on today’s pressing current eve...

MSNBC podcast guest slams constitutional originalism as ‘just bogus,’ means ‘we don’t live in a democracy’

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The podcast featured a discussion about the Supreme Court with Jamal Greene, a Columbia Law Professor and co-chair of Facebook's Oversight Board, which deals with content moderation on the platform. Greene was harshl...

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner launches new podcast, claims ‘no intention’ to run for mayor again

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The episode primarily focused on the subject of stop and frisk and what effects it could have on the rising crime rates in New York City. Egter, once Weiner spoke with his first guest, activist Charlie King, the to...

New York Times podcast questions national concerns about crime: Are ‘vibes just off?’

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Jane Coaston, the host of the podcast "The Argument," asked Wednesday "Why do people feel unsafe?" when violent crime appeared to rise in both cities and rural areas controlled by both parties. "So there’s not an eas...

Biden’s back-and-forth on US oil production has put him ‘in a hell of a political pickle’: Podcast co-host

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BIG OIL EXEC: BIDEN'S 'FAILURE TO PLAN' NOW CONSTITUTES 'SIGNIFICANT EMERGENCY' HOLMES: I just find it so amusing that he's constantly befuddled that the oil industry writ large doesn't believe his commitment to oil....

Warriors’ Draymond Green questioned about podcast following NBA Finals Game 3 verlies: ‘It’s not going anywhere

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He’s also not afraid to share his opinions about the game, former players and the media who cover the league. He also has a successful career off the court, appearing on TNT as an NBA analyst, as well launching a suc...

Laurie ‘BambiBembenek, a Playboy bunny turned cop accused of murder, explored in podcast: ‘I was amazed

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NETFLIX DOC ON MARILYN MONROE MAKES SURPRISING 'REVELATIONS' ABOUT HER FINAL HOURS: 'I WANTED TO KNOW MORE' "Run, Bambi, Run" is produced by Campside Media with executive producers Vanessa Grigoriadis, Merk ...

Spotify declines to renew Obamas podcast contract: verslag doen

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Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that Higher Ground, the production company run by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, is seeking a multimillion deal elsewhere as their deal with S...

Meghan Markle seeks to trademark the word ‘archetypes’ for her new Spotify podcast

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According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database, the application was filed two days after the Duchess of Sussex announced her forthcoming Spotify podcast, getiteld "Argetipes," verlede maand. If the trademark ...

NPR podcast explores how environmentalism overlaps with racism and Nazis

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Gedurende die "Consider This" podcast, host Ari Shapiro and his guests had a discussion which was titled, "The Growing Overlap Between The Far-Right And Environmentalism. " The pair explained connections between environ...

NPR podcast paints parent concerns over mask mandates as ‘angryand ‘not rational

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Op Dinsdag, the panel consisting of host Asma Khalid alongside congressional correspondent Susan Davis and Connecticut Public Radio’s Catherine Shen discussed what they saw as the "angry parent" demographic rising in...

Alec Baldwin returns to podcast mic, with curious new format

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That show, "Here’s The Thing," remains on hiatus but will return "binnekort," according to its production company, Cavalry Media, which is also producing the new venture. Vir nou, Baldwin has returned with a scripted true...

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