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Meet the robot that can write poetry and create artworks

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When people think of artificial intelligence, the images that often come to mind are of the sinister robots that populate the worlds of "Il Terminator," "io, Robot," "Westworld," e "Blade Runner." For many years, ...

Poetry + calcio: It’s not as strange as it sounds

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Poetry and football. Two words you don't often hear in the same sentence. One is a lyrical, niche art form. The other is a violent, mass-consumed sport. There's something discordant about putting them together, like...

Michelle Obama intervista Amanda Gorman per Time sulla sindrome dell'impostore e sul rendere la poesia "cool"’

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Amanda Gorman, il poeta di 22 anni e protagonista dell'inaugurazione del presidente Joe Biden, ha incontrato Michelle Obama solo tre volte, più recentemente il giorno dell'inaugurazione. Ma ha lasciato un'impressione duratura sulla prima ...

Nobel reminds us why Glück’s poetry matters now

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Richie Hofmann is the author of the poetry collection "Second Empire" (2015) and winner of a Wallace Stegner Fellowship, Ruth Lilly Fellowship and a Pushcart Prize. He is a lecturer at Stanford University. The views ...