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Berlin zoo says its polar bear cub’s parents were brother and sister

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Genetic testing has revealed that a baby polar bear at Tierpark Berlin zoo is the product of breeding between siblings. A clerical error meant that a female polar bear, Tonja, born at Moscow Zoo, was listed as the...

Male polar bear kills female bear during breeding attempt at Detroit Zoo

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A female polar bear was killed by a male bear during an attempt at breeding at the Detroit Zoo on Monday, according to a news release. Female Anana, quien fue 20 años, and male Nuka, 16, had lived together withou...

The polar vortex may be on its way

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The polar vortex appears to be on the move. That's because stratospheric warming is occurring at high altitudes above the North Pole, resulting in a spike in temperatures. Ese, in turn, could result in bitter cold...

Toronto Zoo polar bear promoted to ‘honorary master corporalby the Canadian Army

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The Canadian Army is celebrating the promotion of one of its furriest members. Juno the polar bear, who lives at the Toronto Zoo, was adopted by the army shortly after she was born on Remembrance Day 2015. Polar bea...