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Democrat policies designed to ‘controlimpoverished, ‘keep them destitute’: Rep Kat Cammack

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Cammack, who represents Gainesville, vertel "Fox News Primetime" that Republicans have long ignored the problem of homelessness, even as it ballooned during the coronavirus pandemic amid socioeconomic lockdowns that hi...

MacCallum druk terug op die voormalige Obama-amptenaar wat die Biden-grensbeleid verdedig: Boodskappe 'soos 'n krakeling’

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Tafuri, who is a former State Department official, told host Martha MacCallum that there is no inconsistency in the messaging from people like Harris, who came under fire once again from critics over her job performa...

‘Hannity’ exclusive shows Guatemalans want ‘trade not aidas they rebuff Harris visit, Biden policies

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Carter told host Sean Hannity she spoke to people both in Guatemala City – the capital – and San Rafael, a town farther to the west near Quetzaltenango. "They can tell you they don't trust the United States, they don...

Tom Cotton: Democrats are going to pay a price for their policies

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TOM KATOEN: Democrats realized the conditions that they're creating in the country and the results of their policies are not going to help them at the ballot box next year. Jy weet, we just spent a week back in our ...

Rep. Donalds calls out VP Harris: Cartels making billions off border crisis, weak Biden policies

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KAMALA HARRIS' MEXICO, GUATEMALA VISIT: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BYRON DONALDS: The answers aren’t down there in Guatemala because the cartel is actively recruiting. They’re making about $ 5 billion this year tra...

‘Last Days of New York’ skrywer blameer de Blasio, liberale beleid vir stad se agteruitgang: ‘Dit is 'n somber prentjie’

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Praat verder "jakkals & Vriende" Maandag het hy De Blasio die skuld gegee vir die ondergang van die stad deur die vertelling van klas- en rasseverdeling aan te dryf. "Hy was aan die stuur van sake en hy het die verhaal van die verhaal van twee stede aangespoor..

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: May jobs numbers a searing indictment of Biden’s job-killing policies

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After yet another underwhelming jobs report on his watch, Biden tried convincing us that "America is on the move again." He confidently proclaimed that "our plan is working." What jobs report was Joe Biden looking at...

DeSantis: Fauci’s lockdown policies ‘were not justified by the scientific data

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DESANTIS: I think he's somebody who if you followed what he said, he said you did a good job. Byvoorbeeld, he said New York has the best response to COVID. Uiteraard, in terms of the numbers, I don't see how you coul...

LA County DA Gascón’s progressive policies draw ‘no confidencevotes from 17 stede

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Gascon, elected last November after arriving from San Francisco, has faced backlash for his stances on trying to end the death penalty in the county, removing special circumstance charges that can lengthen murder sen...

Virginia teacher fights school gender policies, stands up for students to ‘speak their mind freely’

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Cross and his attorney Tyson Langhofer said they have filed a lawsuit claiming his suspension violated his right to free speech. In an interview with host Ben Domenech, Cross said he was thinking about his students a...

Homan rips ‘pure ignoranceof Biden admin on border crisis: ‘All they have to dois reverse policies

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BLINKEN VISITS CENTRAL AMERICA AS PROLONGED MIGRANT CRISIS RAMPS UP PRESSURE ON BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION TOM HOMAN: It leaves us in a really bad spot. The number of crossers at the border, especially children that...

GOP senators send letter to Biden opposing energy policies: ‘A fundamental threat

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The letter notes that within Biden's first 100 dae op kantoor, he halted construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and lifted sanctions on Russia's Nord Stream 2 pypleiding. Senators also mentioned gasoline shortages A...

NYC Councilman Joe Borelli says progressive Democrat policies are to blame for the rise in New York homicides

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "Amerika verslae" Borelli said cities with "entrenched progressive governments" who have defunded the police have made their cities more dangerous. "Not one of these cities run by progressives...

Onderwysers, unions and education officials push ‘woke,’ leftist policies in schools across US

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The progressive push goes from individual classroom teachers all the way to the highest education officials in the land, including President Joe Biden's Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. The ideas and policies advo...

Biden, second Catholic president, to skip Notre Dame commencement after backlash to his abortion policies

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Breaking with recent tradition, the president will not address the ceremony after 4,300 "members of the Notre Dame community" signed a petition urging Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins not to invite Biden, the se...

Los Angeles DA George Gascon could face recall over progressive policies

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The Los Angeles County Registrar approved the petition drive by the Recall George Gascon campaign, which must collect roughly 579,062 valid signatures – 10% of county voters -- by Oct. 27, the agency told Fox News. ...

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