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Rivelazioni sul tetto: e suggerendo alla Baylor University di riconsiderare il fatto di permettergli di parlare di medicina in televisione’

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e suggerendo alla Baylor University di riconsiderare il fatto di permettergli di parlare di medicina in televisione, e suggerendo alla Baylor University di riconsiderare il fatto di permettergli di parlare di medicina in televisione.

Law enforcement focus on quality-of-life offenses renews old debate over ‘broken windows’ polizia

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The New York Police Department is cracking down on offenses that have become part of daily life in some neighborhoods: public consumption of alcohol, open-air marijuana sales and public urination. The goal is to co...

Greg Gutfeld: The toxic, media-driven narrative about policing rides again

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SARA SIDNER, CNN, APRILE 12: You may notice that my eyes are very watery, uno, that is because they have just, piace, shot a huge amount of gas. It's CS gas. It's really the strongest I have ever had stood in before dur...

Minnesota’s Twin Cities are once again the national flashpoint over race and policing

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Brooklyn Center, Minnesota A wooden Black Power fist stood for months at the makeshift memorial in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed before it was replaced by a metal fist. La settimana scorsa, the original sculpture, ...

Amid defund-police conversations, DC police offer job that will directly impact ‘future of policing

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The announcement comes city leaders and federal lawmakers across the country revisit conversations about defunding police departments amid violent crime rates that have been rising since 2020. In some cities, those c...

I risultati delle elezioni di Seattle rinnovano il dibattito sulla polizia

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Tra i vincitori c'era Ann Davison, che ha sconfitto l'abolizionista e candidato democratico Nicole Thomas Kennedy per il procuratore della città. Con lei vincere, Davison diventa il primo repubblicano eletto a Seattle nel 34 anni. "I nostri ...

Fraternal Order of Police VP blasts Joy Behar’s comments about policing: ‘not grounded in any facts

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GAMALDI: I'd like to thank Joy Behar for weighing in with her years of police experience. And this is the problem. People don't do any research before they put out a message to a platform of millions. Why don't we h...

Clyburn says ‘we’ve got to have police officersafter Tlaib calls for ‘no more policing

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Washington House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn on Tuesday stressed that the US has "got to have police officers" after Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a fellow Democrat, richiesto "niente più polizia, incarcerazione, and mili...

Massachusetts lawmakers pass policing reform bill

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Massachusetts state legislators passed a sweeping police reform bill Tuesday that amends use of force and training policies and tailors law enforcement legal protections. The bill is the latest state-level effort t...

Los Angeles mayoral race shows shift in policing debate in heavily Democratic city

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In his first foray on the Los Angeles mayoral race's debate stage Tuesday night, billionaire developer Rick Caruso came out swinging as he tests whether a frustrated electorate in this heavily Democratic city will e...

‘American Skinexplores race, policing and loss through a provocative lens

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"American Skin" touches on raw nerves in the midst of a chaotic historical moment, which is ultimately the whole point. Following his 2016 feature debut "The Birth of a Nation," writer-director-star Nate Parker seek...

Clay Travis: ESPN has turned itself into the worldwide leader of mask policing

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OutKick founder Clay Travis has always found a niche with reaching sports fans tired of the COVID theater and woke politics. He rightfully called out the network’s latest highlight on mask-wearing, stemming from a cr...

"Ingraham Angle’ on bipartisan infrastructure bill, polizia

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST:Sono Laura Ingraham. This is INGRAHAM ANGLE, from Washington tonight.We have a big show on tap. Tucker Carlson is going to be here at 10 o'clock, non di meno, Senator John Kennedy, the Head o...

Pelosi distances from Tlaib’s call to end policing, joining other Dems in calling for reform

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Pelosi highlighted the need for police reforms at the federal level in response to a request for comment on a controversial tweet from Rep. Rashida Tlaib who called for "no more policing." Tlaib argued that policing ...

Morgan Freeman and a University of Mississippi professor donate $1M to college’s policing program

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Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman and University of Mississippi Professor Linda Keena donated $ 1 million to the school in order to establish a new center focused on policing. The new Center for Evidence-Based Po...

Bongino blasts de Blasio’s liberal agenda on policing: ‘He’s either really dumb or this is a plan

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ARE NYPD OFFICERS RUSHING TO RETIRE AMID CITY'S ANTI-COP CLIMATE? E BONGINO: Are these things liberals pretend not to know or are they just really dumb? I mean how did you think that attacking the police officers c...