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Massachusetts lawmakers pass policing reform bill

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Massachusetts state legislators passed a sweeping police reform bill Tuesday that amends use of force and training policies and tailors law enforcement legal protections. The bill is the latest state-level effort t...

Law enforcement groups discussed ‘host of concernswith AG Garland amid Minneapolis policing probe

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The meeting was held just days after Garland announced a "pattern or practice" investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department following the death of George Floyd last summer. The attorney general said that the...

Lara Logan: Far left cannot change the fact that ‘Americans believe in policing’

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LARA LOGAN: Bene, that's how you know that Governor DeSantis is doing the right thing in the eyes of millions of Americans, because his critics are hammering him. And what you're not hearing from is all the people wh...

Pelosi distances from Tlaib’s call to end policing, joining other Dems in calling for reform

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Pelosi highlighted the need for police reforms at the federal level in response to a request for comment on a controversial tweet from Rep. Rashida Tlaib who called for "no more policing." Tlaib argued that policing ...

Dukakis calls progressive ‘defund the policepush ‘nuts,’ says it takes away from proven community policing

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The longest-serving governor in Massachusetts’ history, Dukakis said Massachusetts, a state with one of the lowest murder per capita rates in the nation, shows how Democrats have gotten it right in the past when it c...

Gov. Whitmer race impacted by fatal shooting, former police chief says ‘she’s not a real friend of policing

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Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a statement Wednesday calling for a "transparent, indagine indipendente" into the shooting of Patrick Lyoya who was killed on April 4 after a traffic stop. She said she spo...

I risultati delle elezioni di Seattle rinnovano il dibattito sulla polizia

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Tra i vincitori c'era Ann Davison, che ha sconfitto l'abolizionista e candidato democratico Nicole Thomas Kennedy per il procuratore della città. Con lei vincere, Davison diventa il primo repubblicano eletto a Seattle nel 34 anni. "I nostri ...

Rappresentante di squadra. Pressley afferma di sostenere ancora una "re-immaginazione radicale"’ di polizia in mezzo a un'ondata di criminalità

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Il democratico del Massachusetts è stato chiesto in un'intervista di mercoledì sul recente picco di criminalità in tutta la nazione e sul ruolo svolto dal defunding il movimento di polizia. Pressley sostenne il suo sostegno al movimento in ...

ABC, CBS, La NBC ignora l'appello di Rashida Tlaib a "non più la polizia"’ dopo la morte di Daunte Wright

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In seguito alla sparatoria mortale di Daunte Wright, coinvolta dalla polizia, rappresentante. Rashida Tlaib, D-me., Lunedì ha dichiarato su Twitter che la morte del 20enne per mano dell'ufficiale di polizia del Brooklyn Center Kim Potter "non era un ...

DC council candidate carjacked in broad daylight on camera demands stronger community policing

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Il D.C. Metro Police Department released snippets of surveillance video Tuesday that showed four suspects who were wanted after the broad daylight auto robbery that happened around 1:30 p.m. Saturday at a gas statio...

Ingraham: The Left’s war on policing makes America less safe

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Why would anyone sign up today for the abuse that police officers go through every time they have to make a good faith, split-second, life or death decision?... Even the most conscientious, the most ...

Recess yields progress on bipartisan effort to overhaul policing

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New progress in the bipartisan legislative effort to overhaul policing has been made on no-knock warrants and chokeholds, according to a source familiar with the discussions, as congressional staffers spent recess w...

Clay Travis: ESPN has turned itself into the worldwide leader of mask policing

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OutKick founder Clay Travis has always found a niche with reaching sports fans tired of the COVID theater and woke politics. He rightfully called out the network’s latest highlight on mask-wearing, stemming from a cr...

Fraternal Order of Police VP blasts Joy Behar’s comments about policing: ‘not grounded in any facts

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GAMALDI: I'd like to thank Joy Behar for weighing in with her years of police experience. And this is the problem. People don't do any research before they put out a message to a platform of millions. Why don't we h...

A ‘serious conversation’: Lawmakers take another try at policing legislation

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Bipartisan discussions are underway as lawmakers try once again to find consensus for a bill to overhaul policing that can pass the United States Senate. The lead sponsor of last summer's failed Senate bill, Suo. T ...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: e suggerendo alla Baylor University di riconsiderare il fatto di permettergli di parlare di medicina in televisione’

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e suggerendo alla Baylor University di riconsiderare il fatto di permettergli di parlare di medicina in televisione, e suggerendo alla Baylor University di riconsiderare il fatto di permettergli di parlare di medicina in televisione.