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Chicago vaccine mandate: Police union boss no longer banned from speaking out against policy, 裁判官の規則

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Cook County Judge Cecilia Horan denied city attorneys’ request for the order to be extended and expanded in a written ruling, saying the situation since the first injunction had "materially changed." City attorneys w...

テキサス州議会議員. マイケル・マコール: バイデンは、「トランプの名前が付いていたため、メキシコに留まる」という方針を撤回しました。’

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ホストのTreyGowdyは、McCaulを招待して、連邦裁判所の判決について話し合いました。 "実施および実装" 別名で知られている移民保護プロトコル "メキシコに残る" ポリシー. このポリシーでは、移民を送る必要がありました。.

DHS says it anticipates re-starting Trump-era Remain-in-Mexico policy in November, is rebuilding tent courts

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A federal judge on Friday ordered the Biden administration to "実施および実装" what is formally called the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) in response to a lawsuit from Texas and Missouri, which claimed tha...

ジェイソン・チャフェッツ: デムズはバイデンの失敗を所有しています–実行されますが、ポリシーの失敗から身を隠すことはできません

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約束した計画が得られない. 代わりに, だれもだましていない薄い煙と色あせた鏡があります. ジョー・バイデンは老化して混乱している可能性があります, しかし、ハリス副大統領の失敗の言い訳は何ですか。.

Outgoing State Department official says US border policy is illegal and inhumane

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A top State Department legal adviser leaving his post told his colleagues in a memo over the weekend that the Biden administration's deportations of Haitians from the US-Mexico border are illegal and inhumane. Harol...

Australia’s climate policy is being dictated by a former accountant in a cowboy hat

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Australia's Prime Minister has all but confirmed he won't join global leaders at crucial climate talks in Glasgow. Two more weeks of Covid-19 quarantine would be too much, Scott Morrison said on Friday, claiming th...

Ron DeSantis on ‘Hannity’: Biden admin’s catch-and-release border policy ‘intentional

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FLORIDA SUES BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OVER CATCH-AND-RELEASE POLICY, ALLEGING VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW RON DESANTIS: We have people from over 100 hundred nationalities that are making their way to Mexico, making their wa...

Maitra: トランプ, ‘foreign policy realistsstunned Beltway when noninterventionism brought cheers on the right

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Maitra explained how he came to study foreign relations as part of his academic journey from his native India to New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. As the host remarked, he has been able to experi...


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アントニー・ブリンケン国務長官は、フランスとの関係を修復するには時間がかかることを認めたにもかかわらず、木曜日に国連で米国の指導部を擁護した。, アメリカで最も古い同盟国の1つ, ミステ後...

Texas AG Paxtonは、Biden管理者に対して、「RemaininMexico」を復活させるための訴訟を起こしました。’ ポリシー

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"私たちには彼らが失速しているように見えます," パクストンは、バイデン政権が政策を復活させるために何をしたかについて尋ねられたとき、フォックスニュースに語った. "私たちはすべての事実を確かに知りません, それが私たちが発見したい理由です。.

スティーブンミラー: 「驚くべき’ バイデンがアフガニスタンの国連で言っていないこと, 外交政策の議題

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スティーブンミラー: 本当に逃した機会だったと思います. 全世界は、バイデンの教義がどうなるかを聞くことに本当に興味を持っていました, 彼の哲学はどうなるか. 国連の演説は大統領のca.で単独で立っています。.

Joe Biden’s self-created image of foreign policy savvy has taken a serious blow

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この話は9月から抜粋したものです 20 アメリカのCNNの一方の版, グローバルな読者のための米国の政治についての毎日の電子メール. 過去の版を読んで購読するには、ここをクリックしてください. Joe Biden's self-created im...

DHS upheaval comes as policy tensions bubble over

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Infighting within the Biden administration over the onslaught of challenges facing officials has, 時には, stalled decision making on key issues, frustrating officials, ソースはCNNに伝えます. 今週, two senior DHS ...

Lara Trump slams Biden’s latest attempt to distract from policy ‘disasters

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KELLYANNE CONWAY, SEAN SPICER FIRE BACK AFTER BIDEN BOOTS TRUMP APPOINTEES FROM MILITARY PANELS LARA TRUMP: This is a clear way to distract from the disasters that have ensued since Joe Biden took office. We still ha...

Newsom flip-flops on whether he’ll ‘regretpolicy decisions if recalled

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Newsom was adamant during an interview with the Sacramento Bee earlier this month that he wouldn’t regret a "damn thing" even if he was recalled. FORMER CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC SENATE LEADER ENDORSES LARRY ELDER IN CA...

Brit Hume blasts Biden on ‘Kilmeade Show’: The ‘un-wisdomof his foreign policy dates back decades

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"This is all Biden. He’s been against this Afghan adventure for a long time and has wanted out," Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume told "ブライアンキルミードショー。" Hume claimed that though Biden has a lot of...

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