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Off-duty officer who was running for Rhode Island state Senate facing charges for allegedly punching political rival at abortion-rights rally

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Rhode Island Democratic state Senate candidate Jennifer Rourke was punched in the face by her GOP opponent -- a police officer who was off-duty -- during an abortion rights rally at the State House in Providence Fri...

Liz Cheney, fighting for political survival, seeks crossover support from Wyoming Democrats

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Embattled Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is turning to Democrats in her state as she looks to fend off a serious primary challenge in August, providing Democratic voters with instructions on how to change parties so they c...

Political Cartoon of the Day: Beggars Can’t Be Choosy

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NUUTJy kan nou na Fox News-artikels luister!

Biden’s back-and-forth on US oil production has put him ‘in a hell of a political pickle’: Podcast co-host

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BIG OIL EXEC: BIDEN'S 'FAILURE TO PLAN' NOW CONSTITUTES 'SIGNIFICANT EMERGENCY' HOLMES: I just find it so amusing that he's constantly befuddled that the oil industry writ large doesn't believe his commitment to oil....

GOP impeachment backers wrestle with their own political survival after Tom Rice’s loss

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After Rep. Tom Rice became the first electoral victim of Donald Trump's revenge campaign against the Republicans who voted to impeach him, a GOP colleague who had also backed the former President's impeachment reach...

Brian Kilmeade reveals how political parties uniting despite Biden

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BRIAN KILMEADE: When you look under the hood and examine the mechanics behind compromise, it's actually taking place. D.C. is showing signs of coming together, but not because of President Biden — you know, the unite...

High school student calls out ‘political bias and intellectual intoleranceof elite NYC private school

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Ryan Finlay, a senior at the elite Horace Mann School in the Bronx, said in an op-ed for the school paper, The Record, last week that the institution appears, on its face, to be politically a "remarkably homogeneous ...

Political Cartoon of the Day: Angry Bird

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NUUTJy kan nou na Fox News-artikels luister!

Tuesday was a very bad political omen for Liz Cheney

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For Liz Cheney, Tuesday was a bad day for her political future. South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice, who, like Cheney, was een van 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump in the wake of the January 6, 2021, r ...

Why inflation is so painful for Americans and such a political nightmare for Biden

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Joe Biden is finding out that a president can't explain, legislate or just wish away raging inflation, one of the most corrosive forces in a market economy. He's putting his faith in the Federal Reserve to tame the...

Left’s political violence tied to dangerous Democrat rhetoric

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Think back to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s incendiary comments about the Supreme Court in 2020. Speaking to a crowd of enraged activists, Schumer poured gasoline on the fire, shouting that Justices Neil Gor...

Gabbard slams Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger as ‘warmongerTrump-haters seeking political ends

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TULSI GABBARD: I heard and watched what [Cheney] said last night and here's the reality as we look at what they said and we look at what we will continue to likely hear as these hearings go on: Everything that Liz Ch...

Former Fox political editor says he will testify at January 6 committee hearing

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Chris Stirewalt, the former Fox political editor, said Friday that he will be a witness during the House January 6 committee's next public hearing on Monday. "I have been called to testify before this committee and ...

Demokrate’ treatment of Jan 6 a ‘political statement’: John Solomon

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JOHN SOLOMON: Four days of infamy, four days when the Capitol police, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, leadership could have hardened the Capitol, could have gotten the resources in place, could have made the strategic d...

Biden’s Kimmel interview ‘discouragingon gun control for CNN political commentator

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"Nuwe dag" co-host John Berman asked Louis about Biden's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and said that the president "set the parameters" van "what he will and won't do" on guns. Biden said during his interview wit...

Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer’s rhetoric feeds political ‘hatred’: Cruz

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Nicholas John Roske appeared in a Maryland courtroom Wednesday after allegedly telling law enforcement he intended to kill Kavanaugh. Roske reportedly was upset the high bench may overturn Roe v. Wade and relegate ab...

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