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The Hawleys get vulnerable on family life in new ‘This is Living’ pódcast: ‘Not a political hot takes show

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"This is Living with Josh and Erin Hawley," the couple told Fox News Digital, estaba "a joint idea" they had been mulling over for some time. The new platform will allow them to get candid about their marriage and their...

Neil Cavuto talks battle with COVID, urges vaccinations: ‘Take the political speaking points and toss them

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Cavuto, gran cantidad de "Your World with Neil Cavuto," tested positive for the coronavirus last week yet credited his vaccination with having made the battle more bearable. Cavuto was a vulnerable candidate for the virus, ha...

Brit Hume: 'Poco escrupuloso’ Los demócratas derriban estatuas para mantener el racismo a flote y obtener moneda política

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"Derribar una estatua o moverla fuera de la vista o lo que sea que quieran hacer no va a cambiar la vida de un niño en Harlem o Nueva York o en cualquier otro lugar.. Son gestos vacíos diseñados para avivar las llamas de r ...

Los manifestantes de Sudán piden un golpe militar a medida que se profundiza la crisis política

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Miles de manifestantes se reunieron frente al palacio presidencial en Jartum el sábado para pedir a los militares que tomen el poder mientras Sudán se enfrenta a la mayor crisis política en su tránsito de dos años..

Will Cain: This is the crisis where Biden will pay the biggest political price

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FORMER HOME DEPOT CEO WARNS SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS BEING NATIONAL EMERGENCY: 'IT'S NOT GETTING BETTER' WILL CAIN: We are not stupid, regardless of what they try to convince us. The parallels are uncanny, to hear Greg Gu...

Por qué simplemente aprobar la agenda de Biden no resolverá a los demócratas’ problemas políticos

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Mientras los demócratas del Congreso negocian con el presidente Joe Biden sobre los contornos (leer: costo) tanto del proyecto de ley de infraestructura como de una medida más amplia para expandir la red de seguridad social, la creencia subyacente parece ser ....

America’s ‘Civil War’: The real virus in our media and political culture

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America is run by idiots. American civilization is heading into the crapper. American democracy is teetering on the edge of extinction. America is headed for civil war. TRIUNFO, PENCE DOWNPLAY JAN. 6 CAPITOL VIOLENC...

Independents aren’t a unified political bloc. Here’s what they really think

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Political independents are among the most heavily scrutinized groups in American politics. They're also, as a new analysis of CNN's most recent polling shows, not much of a bloc at all: Their backgrounds and viewpoi...

Virginia’s elections will be the most telling political test yet of stringent Covid policies

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Charlottesville, Virginia The off-year elections in Virginia this November will serve as possibly the most revealing test of whether strict coronavirus policies, like vaccine mandates and mask requirements, are good ...

La administración de Biden sigue dando victorias políticas a los sindicatos de maestros

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La cercanía de la administración de Biden con los sindicatos de maestros se enfrenta a un nuevo escrutinio después de que el fiscal general Merrick Garland anunciara el lunes una nueva ofensiva contra las presuntas amenazas y acoso de funcionarios escolares y ...

Reps. Buck says feds should stay out of local school board disputes: ‘Political speech must be protected

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FORMER EDUCATION SECRETARY BILL BENNETT LAUNCHES PROGRAM TO COUNTER ‘POLITICIZED’ CONTENT IN SCHOOLS REP. KEN BUCK: Attorney General Garland was a judge, and he should know better than to try to use the FBI for polit...

Overreach: How Biden’s leftward lurch led to political paralysis

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Sheer political overreach. Joe Biden isn’t the first president to fall into this trap, but it’s still rather stunning given his 44 years of experience as a senator and VP. He just asked for way too much spending, fa...

Levin: ‘The Democrat Party is a very diabolical political organization

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Democrats are promoting the expansive bill which includes a series of social reforms, but the bill has caused a fracture within the party. The multitude of views from progressives to moderate Democrats within the par...

Alyssa Milano slams Jason Aldean’s political openness after wife catches heat for anti-Biden shirts

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Milano took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a news headline that read: "Country star Jason Aldean used to keep his politics private. Now his toddlers are on Instagram wearing anti-Biden T-shirts." "No comment nee...

David Marcus: Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is the political embodiment of Gen X

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Su. Ted Cruz is exactly how we imagine a middle aged Alex P. Keaton. Ex-presidential candidate Beto O’Rouke seems like the kid who ate chalk in middle school to impress his friends. Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis could n...

Alex Murdaugh, old money SC Democrat, knew how ‘to play political gamein red state: GOP consultant

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Murdaugh "knew how to play the political game," Michael Mule, a GOP political consultant based in Charleston told Fox News Digital, explaining that Murdaugh donated mostly to Democratic candidates, including former U...

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