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dem Rep. Cuellar dice que Biden escucha a los activistas políticos, no las comunidades fronterizas de Texas y las fuerzas del orden

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION DEBATES PAGANDO 'CIENTOS DE MILLONES' A FAMILIAS SEPARADAS EN LA FRONTERA HENRY CUELLAR: La conclusión es que apoyé a Joe Biden para presidente. Era el candidato más centrista que se postulaba, pero el ....

Mario Draghi es nombrado nuevo primer ministro de Italia, anuncia un arcoíris político de elecciones de gabinete

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El próximo gobierno de Italia ha tomado forma, después de que Mario Draghi fuera nombrado primer ministro y anunciara un gabinete seleccionado de todo el espectro político del país. Draghi, un economista prominente, aceptó el rol superior ...

The stunning political power of AOC

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El jueves pasado, Representante de Nueva York. Alejandría Ocasio-Cortez (D) announced her plan to raise money to help victims of the extreme weather -- and power grid failure -- en Texas. On Sunday night, her office confirmed that sh...

Why Georgia is about to become the center of the political universe

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No matter whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden winds up carrying the state of Georgia in the 2020 presidential race, the Peach State is already guaranteed to be the center of the political universe come early 2021. Wit...

America’s political fate in the balance as key vote counts go on

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The election duel between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden is coming down to counts of hundreds of thousands of legal votes in a handful of key battlegrounds after a night of dramatically shifting fortu...

Dozens wounded in Peru as protesters and police clash amid political crisis

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Por lo menos 27 people have been wounded in clashes between police and protestors as thousands of Peruvians took to the streets to demonstrate against the dismissal of President Martin Vizcarra, police and rights groups...

Mark Shields, political analyst on PBS ‘NewsHour,’ is stepping down after 33 years with the network

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Nueva York (CNN Business)Mark Shields, a regular analyst on the PBS "NoticiasHora" program for the past 33 años, is stepping down from his weekly television perch this Friday. His semi-retirement -- he will still appear o...

In political turmoil and economic collapse, Lebanon could now be overwhelmed by Covid-19

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Beirut, Lebanon Coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in Lebanon where the crisis-ridden state is now considering new lockdown measures, raising the specter of a deepening financial crunch. A combination of high infec...

David Duchovny gets political with new song

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Listen to the lyrics of David Duchovny's new song and you may think he had a crystal ball. The actor/author/musician's latest song, "Layin' on the Tracks," asks "Have you seen what it's like/At the razor's edge?" a ...

Juicio de Kyle Rittenhouse: Jury selection begins as judge tells potential jurors, ‘This is not a political trial

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Jury selection at the at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was slow-moving Monday, beginning with a brief delay in the morning for unexplained reasons. During the delay, the judge played a mock gam...

Peru plunged into political upheaval as Congress ousts President Vizcarra

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Peru's Congress ousted President Martín Vizcarra on Monday in an impeachment vote over corruption allegations, prompting immediate tensions in the Andean nation. Vizcarra said he would accept the Congress vote and wo...

"Desperté’ draws humor from a Black cartoonist’s political awakening

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A Black cartoonist experiences an awakening about racism even in liberal San Francisco in "Despertó," a Hulu series that pairs eccentric humor and characters with its timely real-world echoes. Based on the work of carto...

2020 census mired in political controversy as deadline nears

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What would seem among the federal government's most straightforward constitutional assignments -- tallying the national population -- is devolving into a political showdown over the census previously unseen in moder...

Los manifestantes de Sudán piden un golpe militar a medida que se profundiza la crisis política

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Miles de manifestantes se reunieron frente al palacio presidencial en Jartum el sábado para pedir a los militares que tomen el poder mientras Sudán se enfrenta a la mayor crisis política en su tránsito de dos años..

Peru’s Congress appoints new leader amid political crisis

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Peruvian lawmaker Francisco Sagasti is set to become the country's next interim president as violence, protest and political crisis grip the South American nation. El lunes, Sagasti was appointed as the new head o...

Biden weighs options for education secretary who will face early political pressure in school reopening bid

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President-elect Joe Biden promised to nominate a teacher for education secretary -- and could quickly put his choice into a political pressure cooker, as teachers' unions balk at school reopening plans and Biden see...

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