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How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s political future is shaping Senate DemocratsSCOTUS strategy

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日曜日に, something weird happened. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. アレクサンドリアオカシオコルテス, who is widely rumored as a potential future primary challenger to the New York senator, held a joint pre...

Clubhouse blocked in China as censors shut rare space for sensitive political debate

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香港 (CNNビジネス)Clubhouse appears to have been blocked in China just days after it became the go-to app for uncensored conversations on a host of sensitive issues banned on other platforms. 週末に, ...

Belarus Olympian to go on hunger strike as political protest

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Andrei Krauchanka, who medaled in the decathlon at the 2008 北京でのゲーム, said Friday that he also is selling his European indoor decathlon gold medal from 2011 to help the families of political prisoners. Protes...

タッカーカールソン: US military is intensifying a political purge of the ranks

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そう, with that in mind, what is the American military reading these days? Let’s see: a sub-literate pamphlet on how the United States is a disgusting, immoral country that must be changed immediately and forever. ザ・ ...

‘Democracy will be on the ballot’: Secretary of state races emerge as newest US political flashpoint

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Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for expensive battles to influence a crop of contests next year that often go unnoticed: secretary of state races. Former President Donald Trump's persistent and fruitless ef...


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ミラノは木曜日にInstagramにアクセスし、次のようなニュースの見出しを投稿しました。: "カントリースターのジェイソンアルディーンは、彼の政治を非公開にしていた. 現在、彼の幼児はInstagramで反BidenTシャツを着ています。" "コメントはありません。.

Mexican restaurant takes political stand with sign declaring ‘No Love, No Tacos

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A Mexican restaurant in a small town in Iowa has wrapped itself in the middle of political discourse after some customers of the popular eatery took offense to a yard sign the owner placed outside. The sign advocate...


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これは3月から抜粋したものです 17 アメリカのCNNの一方の版, グローバルな読者のための米国の政治についての毎日の電子メール. 過去の版を読んで購読するには、ここをクリックしてください. ジョー・バイデン大統領が最初の人物です。.

博士. マカリ: ‘Most political CDC in history,’ guidance based on ‘discretionnot ‘science

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マカリ, Fox Newsの寄稿者, 言った "物語" on Monday that many people in the U.S. have taken the latest order suggesting vaccinated people can go out and about without a mask as "back to normal." "We achieved t...

IOC allows athlete protests before Olympic events, bars political gestures on podiums and during competition

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The IOC said the guidelines were approved by the Executive Board of the IOC as part of the IOC Athletes’ Commission’s (IOC AC) recommendations. The IOC said the guidelines offer "further clarity" に "wide range o...


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共和党はどれだけ難しいかで分かれています -- そしてどれくらい速く -- 木曜日のカブール空港での米軍への致命的な攻撃を受けて、ジョー・バイデン大統領を追いかける. ランクとファイルの共和党員のコーラスが増えている間 ...

ブリットヒューム: ‘UnscrupulousDemocrats tear down statues to keep racism afloat for political currency

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"Tearing down a statue or moving it out of sight or whatever they want to do is not going to change the life of one kid in Harlem or New York or anywhere else. These are empty gestures designed to fan the flames of r...

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to head south as she explores political future

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are currently in the final stages of purchasing a plot of land in an exclusive enclave nicknamed "billionaire bunker," near Miami Beach, フロリダ, according to a source familiar with th...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: Division is all our political and media class want and need

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CHRIS CUOMO, 4月 16: 射撃? Gun laws? Access to weapons? ああ, I know when they'll change. Your kids start getting killed. White people's kids start getting killed. Smoking that doobie that's actually legal, prob...

カトリックの指導者はタッカー・カールソンの政治活動は「重要」だと語る, 党員を「危険」と呼ぶ’

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"いくつかの点で, 政治に関わることはとても大事なことだと思います. 教会の信徒が政治の活動家であることが重要だと思います," Chaput は、ホストの Tucker Carlson に Fox Nation プログラムについて語った. "私 ...

担当者. Byron Donalds tears into CNN, Brianna Keilar following tense interview: ‘They have a political agenda

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The June 10 interview caused a firestorm on social media after Keilar pressed Donalds on why the Congressional Black Caucus has yet to welcome the GOP freshman. REP. BYRON DONALD'S OFFICE: ‘WHITE LIBERALS’ LIKE CNN'...

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