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Pompeo will leave State Department as a Trump loyalist to the very end

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Washington Secretary of State Mike Pompeo departs his Foggy Bottom post on Wednesday a loyal Trump footman to the very end. His nearly three-year term as the top US diplomat was marked by an "Amerika Eerste" benadering ...

Tillerson klop Trump terwyl Pompeo sy lof besing

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Washington, voormalige minister van buitelandse sake, Rex Tillerson, het 'n skerp beeld van sy oudbaas, president Donald Trump, geskilder as iemand wat oningeligte besluite geneem het wat nie in werklikheid gegrond was nie -- 'n skrille kontras met Trum ...

Pompeo meeting with Biden’s secretary of state pick for first time

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Washington Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is meeting with Antony Blinken, President-elect Joe Biden's nominee to be his successor, for the first time on Friday. Blinken and Pompeo were originally slated to meet in mi...

Pompeo om hierdie week die kandidaat van Biden se minister van buitelandse sake te ontmoet

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Die verkiesende president van Washington, Joe Biden, as minister van buitelandse sake sal na verwagting Donderdag vir die eerste keer sedert Biden se oorwinning met die minister van buitelandse sake, Mike Pompeo, vergader., akkordein ...

Watchdog finds Susan Pompeo did not get written approval for majority of taxpayer funded trips

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Washington The State Department watchdog concluded that the majority of trips taken by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's wife, Susan, over a two-year period took place without written approval from the State Departmen...

Pompeo bereid om met die inkomende Biden-span te vergader, amptenare sê

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Beamptes van die Staatsdepartement wat saam met Mike Pompeo, minister van buitelandse sake, het aan die departement se loopbaanoorgangspan gesê dat hy met die verkiesende president Joe Biden se inkomende span van die staatsdepartement sal vergader., volgens ...

Pompeo bied vakansiepartytjies by die staatsdepartement te midde van koronavirus-spykers aan

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Die minister van buitelandse sake, Mike Pompeo, het die komende weke honderde gaste na die staatsdepartement genooi vir vakansie-onthale, ondanks waarskuwings van gesondheidskenners dat Amerikaners groot gate moet vermy..

Pompeo seen as auditioning for 2024 on Israel trip while he organizes at home

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Washington Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's groundbreaking trip to a West Bank settlement Thursday was meant to highlight the Trump administration's commitment to Israel. In plaas daarvan, it reignited speculation that the to...

Pompeo leaves chaotic Washington for Europe, the Mideast and an Israeli settlement, bronne sê

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to leave Friday for Europe and the Middle East in a seven-country, legacy-burnishing trip that will include a stop at a West Bank settlement, making him the first top US diploma...

US citizen detained in Belarus is released, Pompeo says

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Vitali Shkliarov, an American who was detained in Belarus for three months, has been released and has returned to the US. Shkliarov, who is a dual citizen, had traveled to Belarus this summer to visit his family and...

Pompeo being investigated for potentially breaking the law with RNC speech

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Washington Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is under investigation for potentially violating a federal law that forbids federal employees from engaging in political activity while on duty or while inside federal buildi...

Pompeo keeps up anti-China campaign overseas as Washington plunged into Covid-19 chaos

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Hong Kong All eyes may be on coronavirus test results in Washington, but Mike Pompeo is staying focused on China. The US Secretary of State was in Tokyo Tuesday for a meeting of the Quad, or Quadrilateral Security D...

Mike Pompeo traveled with Reince Priebus on his plane to Wisconsin this week

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When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Wisconsin on Wednesday, Reince Priebus -- the former chairman of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump's first chief of staff -- traveled with him on the governm...

US has reimposed UN sanctions on Iran, Pompeo says

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Saturday evening that the US has reimposed UN sanctions against Iran, a move expected to be effectively ignored by global allies and adversaries alike. The latest move is the late...

Rep. Engel agrees to drop Pompeo subpoena now that he has Biden documents

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House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel on Friday agreed to withdraw a subpoena he had issued in July against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after the State Department turned over more than 16,000 pages of docume...