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Nepal’s rhino population grows to highest in decades as pandemic pauses tourism

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Nepal's population of one-horned rhinos has increased to its highest number in more than 20 jare, partly owing to a pause in tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic that allowed the animals' habitats to regenerate, mede ...

Met 100 days until the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has vaccinated less than 1% of its population. That’s a problem

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Tokyo When 2020 Tokyo Olympics volunteers have in recent weeks asked officials how they'll be protected from Covid-19, given the foreign athletes pouring into Japan for the event and the country's low vaccination rat...

The American bald eagle population has quadrupled since 2009, verslag sê

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Bald eagles, once on the endangered species list, are now thriving, volgens 'n onlangse verslag. The US Fish and Wildlife Service said in a new report that bald eagles have quadrupled in size since 2009. Oor 316,7...

How the Covid-19 hesitant population is declining rapidly

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The release of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine and its partnership with Merck means that President Joe Biden expects the US to have enough Covid-19 vaccines delivered to cover every adult by the end of May....

Brazil will vaccinate an entire city’s adult population to test the effect on Covid-19 infection rate

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Brazil's Butantan Institute kicked off a campaign on Wednesday to vaccinate all of the adult population of a city to see if it's possible to reduce the number of cases. The study will involve the city of Serrana, in ...

Meer as 80% of Alabama’s Black population lived in a county where life expectancy didn’t meet vaccine eligibility, CNN analysis shows

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Ten minste 83% of Alabama's Black population lived in counties where life expectancy among Black people did not meet age requirements for vaccine eligibility, according to a CNN analysis. Before Monday, only frontlin...

Number of newborns registered in China drops 15% amid population decline fears

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Hong Kong The number of newborns registered with the government in China dropped almost 15% laas jaar, amid widespread concern over falling birthrates in the world's most populous country. According to figures publi...

Suid-Korea rapporteer dat die bevolking daal, met meer sterftes as geboortes vir die eerste keer

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Suid - Korea het meer sterftes as geboortes aangeteken 2020 vir die eerste keer ooit, gevra om op te tree om die land se dalende vrugbaarheidskoers te laat herleef. Vir jare, Suid-Korea sukkel met 'n groeiende demografie..

Over half of Chinese adults are now overweight. That’s more people than the entire US population

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As China grows richer, the waistlines of adults in the country are also expanding. More than half of Chinese adults are now considered overweight, a study conducted by the country's National Health Commission revea...

The bee population is dying. Researchers have created the first global map of the species to save them

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Meer as 20,000 species of bee exist throughout the world -- and they are dying, thanks to climate change, pesticide poisoning and plant loss. Researchers have taken an important first step toward bee conservation...

China prepares to count 1.3 billion people as date for new population census announced

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Hong Kong How do you count 1.3 billion people amid a pandemic? China will be finding out as the world's most populous country launches its seventh national census on November 1. According to state-run news agency Xi...