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Ingraham: Portland, Oregon an example of Dems‘rule and ruinas murders spike

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Ingraham noted that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown claimed in August that the true crisis was one of right-wing violence: "The threat and use of violence against people in the instruction of property to further bigoted or po...

Portland establece un nuevo récord de homicidios, usar barriles de tráfico para combatir los tiroteos desde vehículos

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A partir del martes, La ciudad más grande de Oregón ha registrado 67 asesinatos en lo que va del año, tres cuartas partes de los cuales se han llevado a cabo con armas de fuego, según Associated Press. El número total de tiroteos - alrededor 1,0...

Ex-NYT columnist, potential Oregon gubernatorial candidate Nicholas Kristof once downplayed Portland violence

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Nicholas Kristof announced on Thursday that he was parting from the Gray Lady after 37 years to explore a potential run for governor in his home state. "You all know how much I love Oregon, and how much I’ve been se...

Portland restaurant owner says city at ‘breaking pointwith property damage, abuse becoming ‘daily norm

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Murray said on "zorro & Amigos" that her restaurant only offers outdoor seating due to the pandemic, which has led to additional issues. She said people with mental illnesses often wander outside her restaurant, O ...

Portland reels from violent weekend, 13 shootings in 28 horas, la policía dice

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The incidents occurred from Friday night through Sunday morning, the Portland Police Bureau said. En un punto, officers responded to five shootings in three hours, cuales "placed a significant strain on resources," ...

DHS intelligence branch sent ‘untrained, inexperiencedintel collectors to Portland, internal review finds

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An internal review of the Department of Homeland Security intelligence branch revealed an unprepared and ill-trained workforce was thrown into assisting with intelligence collection amid the civil unrest in Portland...

Portland City Council accepts report describing tear gas used by officers as ‘chemical weapons

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According to the report from the Citizen Review Committee's Crowd Control and Use of Force work group, it is recommended that the Portland Police Bureau "make permanent the existing ban on the use of CS gas by PPB, a...

NBA odds: guerreros del Estado Dorado, Portland Trail Blazers among favorites to land Ben Simmons

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martes, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Simmons doesn’t plan to show up to training camp or play another game for the Sixers. Now the focus shifts to the fallout. Si (cuando) Simmons is traded, where will he g...

Jin Young Ko wins rain-shortened Cambia Portland Classic

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Making her first start since the Tokyo Olympics, the second-round South Korean player closed with a bogey-free 3-under 69 at Oregon Golf Club for a four-stroke victory over Jeongeun Lee and Su Oh. Ko finished at 11-u...

Portland State football coach offers to buy you a beer if you come watch his team

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"I really love this job," Barnum once told a reporter. And now the 57-year-old coach who looks like he can work his way through whatever the bar is serving on draft, is offering fans the chance to come have a beer wh...

Portland State professor resigns after university muzzles philosophy, free speech: It’s a ‘dogma factory’

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Boghossian joined "Tucker Carlson esta noche" to detail his abrupt exit from campus which he described in a Substack newsletter to have transformed into a "Social Justice factory." "The university basically created cond...

Chicago, Portland, Louisville mayors appear to back CRT in schools before names removed from sponsors list

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The resolution adopted by the Conference of Mayors, which describes itself as a "non-partisan organization of cities with a population of 30,000 or larger," initially listed the following four mayoral sponsors: Louis...

Cordeiro, Parson help Hawaii beat Portland State 49-35

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HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . The 9,000-seat retro-fitted Clarence T.C. Ching Complex will be the program's home until the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District is completed. It was Hawaii's first home gam...

Portland ve nueve tiroteos en un lapso de 16 horas; perro de servicio asesinado, la policía dice

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El primer tiroteo ocurrió justo después 12:10pm del martes cuando los oficiales respondieron a los informes de disparos en el sureste de Cooper Street. Se encontraron varios casquillos de bala en un área de campamento para personas sin hogar, pero no hubo víctimas..

City defends hands-off policing after groups clash in Portland

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Portland, Oregon Fireworks, flares, pepper spray and projectiles like soda cans flew between far-right and counterprotesters in Oregon over the weekend, with protesters stopping several lanes of traffic, smashing veh...

Portland struggles to find officers for gun violence unit: Union rep slams city’s liberal leaders

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Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner joined "zorro & Amigos primero" martes, and spoke about the struggle to fill the void in the police department. "The officers have not been supported by elected ...

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