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Oregon man knocks out, hogties active shooter, according to Portland police

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A neighbor snuck up an on the gunman and knocked him out before others helped tie him up, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Luke Stolarzyk, 32, allegedly fired more than two dozen rounds "indiscriminately" a ...

Portland on edge as far-right group holds rally with counterprotesters nearby

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Members of the far-right Proud Boys -- some carrying firearms and wearing body armor -- massed at a rally on Saturday in Portland, Oregón, as counter rallies unfolded nearby and officials in the tense city braced fo...

Ingraham: Portland, Oregon an example of Dems‘rule and ruinas murders spike

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Ingraham noted that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown claimed in August that the true crisis was one of right-wing violence: "The threat and use of violence against people in the instruction of property to further bigoted or po...

Portland Mayor bans use of tear gas by police

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After months of protests, police officers in Portland, Oregón, will no longer use tear gas for crowd control. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler made the announcement on Thursday and said it's time to reduce "the violence i...

Portland se tambalea por la violencia de las pandillas en medio de llamadas para retirar fondos a la policía: "La gente tiene miedo’

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A partir del jueves, ha habido 37 homicidios en la ciudad más grande de Oregón en lo que va del año, más de seis veces el número registrado en el mismo período el año pasado, según The Associated Press. El año actual de la ciudad..

Alrededor 20 DHS intelligence reports recalled in the wake of Portland controversy

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Alrededor 20 Department of Homeland Security open source intelligence reports were recalled in the aftermath of revelations this summer that the department had potentially collected and disseminated intelligence on US ...

11 people are arrested after a demonstration outside a federal building in Portland

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Police arrested 11 people in Portland, Oregón, after a demonstration outside a federal building Friday night, authorities said The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) said in a release that the demonstration happened outsi...

Portland Police declare a riot after people break windows of several businesses

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Police in Portland, Oregón, declared a riot Saturday night after officers observed protesters damaging multiple businesses, the Portland Police Bureau said in a news release. Sobre 150 people gathered and began mar...

Portland Police arrest over 50 people on 100th consecutive night of demonstrations

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Portland Police arrested over 50 people during fiery demonstrations on Saturday night, the 100th night of protests in the city since the death of George Floyd in late May. The arrests came after some people in the c...

‘I am here to help’: Medic recounts frantic effort to save victim of fatal Portland shooting

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Some images in this article may be disturbing to readers. Portland, Oregon The text message that pinged on Sierra Boyne's phone on May 29 was blunt: "Portland is on fire." Boyne had watched protests erupt in Minneapo...

Here’s why protesters say they’re gathering in Portland

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Portland, Oregon Protesters again took to the streets of Portland, Oregón, el jueves -- the first full day of Joe Biden's presidency -- to let the Democratic establishment know they are still fighting for racial ju...

Tensions over eviction of Black-Indigenous family in Portland reach boiling point as protesters clash with police

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A small red house on North Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregón, has become a focal point in the city's struggle with the issues of race, predatory lending and gentrification. los "Red House," as it is known, posee ...

Portland establece un nuevo récord de homicidios, usar barriles de tráfico para combatir los tiroteos desde vehículos

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A partir del martes, La ciudad más grande de Oregón ha registrado 67 asesinatos en lo que va del año, tres cuartas partes de los cuales se han llevado a cabo con armas de fuego, según Associated Press. El número total de tiroteos - alrededor 1,0...

Por lo menos 8 arrested in Portland as demonstrators vandalize federal ICE building, Democratic Party state headquarters

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Demonstrators in Portland, Oregón, on Wednesday vandalized the state Democratic Party headquarters and a federal US Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, según la policía. At least four demonstrations wer...

Portland restaurant owner says city at ‘breaking pointwith property damage, abuse becoming ‘daily norm

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Murray said on "zorro & Amigos" that her restaurant only offers outdoor seating due to the pandemic, which has led to additional issues. She said people with mental illnesses often wander outside her restaurant, O ...

8 people wounded in downtown Portland, Oregón, tiroteo

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Eight people were shot in downtown Portland, Oregón, early Saturday, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The shooting victims were taken by ambulance to a hospital, where at least one of them was being treated ...

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