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City defends hands-off policing after groups clash in Portland

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Portland, Oregon Fireworks, flares, pepper spray and projectiles like soda cans flew between far-right and counterprotesters in Oregon over the weekend, with protesters stopping several lanes of traffic, smashing veh...

Portland struggles to find officers for gun violence unit: Union rep slams city’s liberal leaders

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Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner joined "zorro & Amigos primero" martes, and spoke about the struggle to fill the void in the police department. "The officers have not been supported by elected ...

Portland bans homeless camps in forest areas amid wildfires

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The City Council adopted the rule Wednesday for "high-risk hazard zones," including in and around Portland’s famous Forest Park and in heavily forested wetlands and natural areas around the city. The ban will apply d...

Wyden delays key Biden immigration nominee until he gets more info on Portland unrest response

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Sen demócrata. Ron Wyden of Oregon will not advance President Joe Biden's pick to lead US Customs and Border Protection until he receives more answers about the agency's role in the Portland unrest last year, delay...

8 people wounded in downtown Portland, Oregón, tiroteo

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Eight people were shot in downtown Portland, Oregón, early Saturday, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The shooting victims were taken by ambulance to a hospital, where at least one of them was being treated ...

Oregon man knocks out, hogties active shooter, according to Portland police

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A neighbor snuck up an on the gunman and knocked him out before others helped tie him up, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Luke Stolarzyk, 32, allegedly fired more than two dozen rounds "indiscriminately" a ...

Olivia Moultrie, 15, makes history by signing with NWSL’s Portland Thorns

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A principios de este mes, Olivia Moultrie, a 15-year-old soccer player from California, was granted permission by a federal judge to sign with a National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) club after ruling that the league can'...

Portland resident next to homeless camp installs cameras, electric fence

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Jennifer Wilkins, the resident manager of Glass Plant Road's Acme Storage Inc., told local KATU that she has lived there for a decade. According to Wilkins, what was once a quiet area has "gotten so bad, exponential...

Portland begins anti-racist teacher training, fuente dice

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Among the material being shown to students in third through fifth grades is an interview clip of author Sonya Renee Taylor saying, "Our society speaks racism. It has spoken racism since we were born. Of course you ar...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Seattle, Portland likely to have hottest days ever today

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Daily, monthly and all-time records will be set with today’s highs likely going down in history as the hottest day ever recorded for Seattle and Portland. Temperatures won’t be as hot tomorrow, but things won’t cool ...

Portland protesters smash windows of police car, flatten tires after officer-involved shooting: funcionarios

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Details of any protest-related arrests were not available as of early Friday morning, but authorities overnight shared images of a police car that had its tires flattened and windows shattered by what they described ...

Comandante de la policía de Portland en "Hannity": La dimisión del escuadrón antidisturbios tardó mucho en llegar’

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"Esto tardó mucho en llegar. Querían dejarlo en el otoño.. Se reunieron con el equipo para discutir sus problemas.. El jefe dijo que lo abordarían. El equipo creía que, siguieron haciendo su trabajo. Y th ...

El líder de la Asociación de Policía de Portland explica por qué renunciaron todos los miembros del escuadrón antidisturbios de la policía de Portland

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Una oficina de policía de Portland (PPB) comunicado indicó que las renuncias fueron efectivas a partir del pasado miércoles, y no está claro qué implicaciones serían para la respuesta de las fuerzas del orden a futuras manifestaciones en Portl ...

Portland police union rails against ‘defund policecommissioner after riot squad resignations

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Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner argued in a statement issued Friday that "roving gangs of black-clad rioters do not speak for the hundreds of thousands of residents and business owners of ...

Portland cops quit riot team after officer charged with assault of photographer

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Portland cops quit riot team after officer charged with assault on photographerAll 50 of the Portland Police Bureau's highly trained rapid response unit officers resigned this week after the recent indictment of Offi...

Portland se tambalea por la violencia de las pandillas en medio de llamadas para retirar fondos a la policía: "La gente tiene miedo’

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A partir del jueves, ha habido 37 homicidios en la ciudad más grande de Oregón en lo que va del año, más de seis veces el número registrado en el mismo período el año pasado, según The Associated Press. El año actual de la ciudad..