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Salt Lake City police struggle to fill positions after more than a dozen officers leave department

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Chief Mike Brown told the Salt Lake City Council on Tuesday that 15 officers are leaving to work for the new Taylorsville Police Department and that the agency is having trouble filling training classes, leading to s...

Farrah Abraham reveals political aspirations: ‘More mothers, women need to be in government positions

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The former MTV star turned 30 on Monday and just one week prior she teased her political ambitions on Twitter, writing that she plans to run "for a government position" as she enters a new decade of life. Fox News ca...

Atlanta police struggle to fill open positions amid violent crime spike

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A report on its hiring practices found that less than 2% of police applicants were hired over a three-year period from 2017 through September of last year. The department received more than 12,120 applications for po...

Georgia café owner struggles to fill open positions: ‘Hard time’ for small businesses

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Yeo, who owns Le Café Gourmet in Savannah, says she was forced to close her café one day a week due to the staffing shortage, which she said could be due to increased competition from other restaurants who have reope...

Ariana Grande drops new album ‘Positions

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Ariana Grande's latest album is the sixth studio album the singer has released. "Positions" features guest spots from Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and Ty Dolla $ ign. She released the title track with a new music video l...

Ariana Grande verbeel haar die lewe in die Withuis in 'Posisies’ video

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Ariana Grande maak 'n indrukwekkende president in die video vir haar nuwe enkelsnit, "Posisies." Dwarsdeur die video, Grande verbeel haar in die Withuis, lei 'n inklusiewe en modieuse span kabinetsamptenare..