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US Postal Service removing mailboxes for security reasons ahead of inauguration

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The US Postal Service has temporarily removed some mailboxes in several major cities across the country, a security measure ahead of next week's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Mail collection has been su...

Postal service honors Japanese American vets and a Chinese American scientist with new stamps

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Stamp collecting may not be for everyone, but three upcoming stamp releases are definitely worth saving. The US Postal Service is releasing three new stamps next year inspired by the achievements and culture of Asia...

Trash bags of undelivered mail found outside a postal worker’s home in Pennsylvania

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Special agents with the US Postal Service discovered undelivered mail in trash bags placed on the curb for pickup outside the home of a postal employee in Baldwin, Pennsylvania. The agents with Postal Service's Offi...

Video shows USPS mail being dumped in a California parking lot. A postal union says USPS employees weren’t involved

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Bags of mail were dumped in a parking lot in Glendale, California, la settimana scorsa, according to surveillance footage obtained by CNN. The September 3 video shows a Budget rental vehicle backing into the lot of 7Q Spa Las...