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Tropicana wants you to pour orange juice on cereal

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Looking for a juicy alternative to oat bran and milk? Tropicana is introducing a new cereal that's made specifically for orange juice. Tropicana Crunch, a crispy honey almond cereal, will be available starting May 4...

WWE legend Scott Hall dead at 63; Tributes pour in from all sides

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Saal, 63, bekend as "The Bad Guy," was deceased after he was taken off life support Monday, following weeks of health complications that stemmed from hip surgery. "WWE is saddened to learn that two-time WWE Hall of Fa...

Wealthy candidates pour millions into 2022 campaigns

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Members of sports team families and business leaders are among those pouring their personal fortunes into campaigns for office in 2022, making an early impact on primary contests for key midterm races. In Ohio alon...

Meat Loaf: Tributes pour in for late rocker, ‘had so much fun

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"Had So Much Fun With Meatloaf When We Did ‘Dead Ringer,’ singer Cher tweeted. "Am Very Sorry For His Family,Vriende,& Aanhangers. Am I imagining It, or Are Amazing Ppl In The Arts Dying every other Day!?" British pre...

Van die rivier af, Texas sien hoe onwettige immigrante van regoor die wêreld instroom

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Die migrante wat gevang is om die grens tussen die VSA en Mexiko by die sektor oor te steek, kom nie net van Suid-Amerikaanse lande, met baie wat uit Afrika en die Midde-Ooste kom. Eritrea, Libanon, Oesbekistan, Libanon en Tajiki's...

Family of fallen Marine Rylee McCollum receives police escort in Wyoming; donations for pregnant widow pour in

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McCollum, 20, was among 13 service members killed by a suicide bomb attack Thursday at the Kabul airport while providing security as people tried to flee the country amid the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover. Hy ...

Texas dashcam shows illegal immigrants pour out of smuggler’s car after pursuit

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The dashcam footage from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) shows a state trooper chasing after a human smuggler in Del Rio. GOVS. DESANTIS AND ABBOTT, IN BORDER VISIT, WARN MIGRANT CRISIS RIPPLES EFFECT ON ...

Huldeblyke stroom vir Markus Paul, sterkte- en kondisioneringsafrigter van Dallas Cowboys, in

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Huldeblyke het ingestroom vir die Dallas Cowboys se sterkte- en kondisioneringsafrigter Markus Paul, 54, wat Woensdag dood is nadat hy 'n mediese noodgeval ondervind het wat nie verband hou met Covid-19 in die hoofkwartier van die span nie. Moeilik...