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Sam Hunt’s pregnant wife Hannah Fowler files for divorce, alleges ‘adultery’: informes

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Fowler accused Hunt of "inappropriate marital conduct" y "adultery" in court documents obtained by TMZ. Fowler and Hunt had not publicly announced that they were expecting a child, but Fowler indicated she was preg...

Pregnant women are less likely to impact their children’s weight than previously believed

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A pregnant woman's body mass index has less of an influence on her child's BMI than previously believed, según un nuevo estudio. BMI is a measure that uses height and weight data to track changes in weight. Chil...

Apple’s ‘pregnant manemoji part of Big Tech’s strange fixation on gaslighting us

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Y todavía, here we are being told by Apple that a new emoji depicting a "pregnant man" is being released in the next iPhone update. We plebes seem to be getting punched in the nose every day by some Big Tech Big Brothe...

Pregnant journalist gets help from Taliban after New Zealand denies request to return due to COVID rules

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A: MORE THAN 100 FORMER AFGHAN TROOPS, OFFICIALS KILLED SINCE TAKEOVER Charlotte Bellis joined "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" to discuss her journey to return home and how she is seeking refuge with the Taliban since she clai...

Rihanna pregnant with first child, displays growing baby bump alongside A$AP Rocky in Harlem

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The singer proudly debuted her bare baby bump during an outing with her boyfriend, rapper A$ AP Rocky. The couple was taking a stroll in Harlem, his hometown, el fin de semana. As the lovebirds held hands, a paparaz...

Detroit woman pregnant with twins is set on fire, hospitalizado; boyfriend gets $50K bond

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Devonne Marsh, 41, was arrested and charged after the incident at the home he shared with his 26-year-old live-in girlfriend, FOX2 Detroit informó, citando a la policía. DETROIT MOM OF 4 MISSING SINCE DECEMBER FOUND DISMEM...

Jordan Cashmyer, '16 y embarazada’ miembro del elenco, muere en 26

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Jordan Cashmyer, whose struggle as an unhoused, joven, expectant mother was documented on MTV's "16 y embarazada," ha muerto, according to her family. Ella estaba 26. "My oldest beloved daughter, Jordan has passed away, ...

'16 y embarazada’ la estrella Jordan Cashmyer murió en 26

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La madre de Cashmyer compartió la noticia de su muerte en la página de Facebook de su padre.. Aún no se ha compartido una causa de muerte.. "Anoche recibí una llamada que ningún padre quiere," la publicación de Facebook dice. "Mi mayor amado da...

Jamie Lynn Spears reveals she isolated in a cabin after becoming pregnant at 16: ‘I was being alienated

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The 30-year-old younger sister of Britney Spears broke her silence on Wednesday about her current rift with the pop star. In a tearful interview, Jamie Lynn revealed she "100%" loves her sister and denied playing a r...

Babies, pregnant women among 97 hostages freed in Nigeria after months of captivity

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Abuja, Nigeria More than 90 hostages have been rescued in separate rescue operations in northwest Nigeria, local police have announced. The Commissioner of Police in northwestern Zamfara State, Ayuba Elkana, told a p...

Israel detects case of ‘fluronain unvaccinated pregnant woman

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Israel recently confirmed what is believed to be the first documented case of an individual infected with both the flu and COVID-19. An unvaccinated pregnant woman tested positive for both illnesses last week at the...

Pregnant Boston cop says mayor ignored vaccine exemption plea: I’m trying to ‘protect my unborn child

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In a video posted to social media, Gianna Mullane, 37, challenged Wu to take personal and administrational responsibility for any negative outcomes from the now-mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for expectant mothers. D...

Pregnant cop challenges Boston Dem mayor over vaccine mandates: ‘Take full responsibility

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Gianna Mulane, 37, is a police officer with the City of Boston Patrolmen union. Ella es 30 weeks pregnant and cites fertility, a lack of long-term study and health concerns as reasons why she refuses to take the vacci...

Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera, Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera, Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera,’ informe dice

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Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera. 15 Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera, Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera, Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera, Jessica, Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera, Es una promesa que dice que creemos en una verdadera.

Pregnant Jennifer Lawrence dazzles in golden gown at ‘Don’t Look Up’ estreno

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Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is positively glowing. The 31-year-old star, who is expecting her first child with husband Cooke Maroney, dazzled in a floor-length gold gown as she posed for pictures at th...

Seattle ha alcanzado un $3.5 millones de liquidación en el fatal tiroteo policial de la madre embarazada de cuatro

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La ciudad de Seattle acordó pagar $ 3.5 millones para resolver una demanda por homicidio culposo presentada en nombre de la familia de Charleena Lyles, una madre embarazada de cuatro hijos que fue asesinada a tiros en su casa por la policía en 20...