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California union president-elect says he won’t support Newsom against recall, will end political spending

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Richard Louis Brown, who said he was not speaking on behalf of SEIU Local 1000, vertel "Die storie" that allocating union members' payments to Black Lives Matter, open-borders pro-illegal immigration groups and "Fight f...

Scranton, Pennsylvania, honors famous ‘scrappy kidturned President-elect

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As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to move into the White House, his hometown honored him Friday just steps from his childhood home. "This morning I had the opportunity to join U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Marywood...

An HBCU grad galvanized voters in Georgia and another one is making history as vice president-elect

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Before Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams broke barriers in the country's political landscape, they thrived at historically Black colleges and universities. Students and alumni from HBCUs around the country are celebr...

Hier is wie in die nuutgevormde Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board van die uitverkore president Biden is

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Die verkiesende president Joe Biden en die nuut aangestelde adviesraad van Transition Covid-19, die verkiesende vise-president Kamala Harris, word gelei deur gevestigde amptenare vir openbare gesondheid en word beman deur 'n mengsel van dokters en huidige en vorm..

President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite nation with victory speech

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President-elect Joe Biden will speak to a deeply divided nation tonight, making a plea for unity and understanding after four years of turmoil and conflict fomented by President Donald Trump, who showed no indicatio...

A White dad talks to his Black daughter about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

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Arick Wierson, who writes frequently for CNN Opinion, is a six-time Emmy Award-winning television producer and former senior media adviser to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He advises corporate and political clien...