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‘SNL’ rolls back satirizing Biden’s first year in office compared to other presidents

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NBC's long-running sketch comedy program famously mocked presidents from both parties across the decades from Chevy Chase's Gerald Ford, Dan Aykroyd's Jimmy Carter, Phil Hartman's Ronald Reagan, Dana Carvey's George ...

1 in 5 people think Donald Trump will be remembered as ‘one of the country’s greatest presidents’

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As President Donald Trump's days in the White House are increasingly numbered, the conversation has begun to turn to one of legacy: How will history remember Trump's four years in office? The early returns, as you m...

100 Days into Biden’s ‘unity’ agenda, AOC praises president’s ‘progressive’ credentials

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Ocasio-Cortez said Friday that she and other expected Biden to be "a lot more conservatives," adding that Biden has "exceeded expectations that progressives had." FOX NEWS POLL: BIDEN APPROACHES 100-DAY MILESTONE As...

A brief list of more ‘masculine’ presidents than Donald Trump

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On Monday, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley was asked whether President Donald Trump felt "emasculated" by being de-platformed from Twitter and Facebook. To which he said this: "The most masculine person I think t...

Anti-Defamation League CEO says he spoke with vice president’s office about Israel interaction

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The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday said he has spoken with Vice President Kamala Harris' office after the vice president's interaction earlier in the week with a student at George Mason University, wh...

Biden battered by crises as president’s approval plunges

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From immigration, to foreign policy, to the economy, to the coronavirus pandemic, the president's problems appear to be mounting. HHS DOCUMENTS REVEAL INCIDENTS OF SEXUAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE OF UNACPANIED MIGRANT CHIL...

Biden has lowest first-year Senate confirmation rate among last three presidents, according to new report

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Washington President Joe Biden has the lowest Senate confirmation rate of first-year nominations among the last three presidents, according to a new report from a group that studies presidential transitions. "In Bid...

Biden set to receive first president’s daily intelligence brief Monday

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Washington President-elect Joe Biden marks a milestone on his path to the White House Monday when he gets his first President's Daily Brief -- the intelligence community's collection of secrets, intelligence, and ana...

Black women in vice president’s orbit thank Biden for pledge to nominate Black woman to Supreme Court

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More than 100 influential Black women leaders thanked President Joe Biden in a letter for honoring his promise to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, who if confirmed, would be the first to ever sit on the ...

Bob Woodward on Trump’s pandemic response: ‘In covering nine presidents, I’ve never seen anything like it’

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Washington Journalist Bob Woodward on Tuesday said in all of his years reporting on nine different presidents, he has "never seen anything like" President Donald Trump's mishandling of the pandemic. "Two hundred tho...

Brazilian president’s son slams ‘Marxist’ De Blasio for warning father not to go to UN over lack of vaccine

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"We need to send the message to all the world leaders, including most notably Bolsonaro from Brazil… If you don't want to be vaccinated, don't bother coming because everyone should be safe together," de Blasio said, ...

Buck talks Big Tech: Social media sites banning presidents ‘dangerous’

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REP. KEN BUCK: The problem is really in the area, for example, of desktop searches. Google has over 90% market share. And when you've got a 90% market share, you can determine what information people get. And in our ...

College Football Playoff presidents OK expansion evaluation

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While far from an approval of the proposal, the move by the CFP board of managers was a necessary step to determine the feasibility of tripling the size of the playoff field. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE . ...

CPAC conversations: Who are the best and worst presidents in US history?

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The "worst president probably would have to be FDR," one college student said. Franklin Roosevelt "has done more to damage us in the long run."

Eight years. Three Presidents. And still no resolution on an asylum claim.

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On a summer night in Honduras in 2014, Maribel made a choice: She had to leave her home, with her four young children in tow, or risk being killed. With an eye toward the United States, she began the dangerous journ...

Former Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama urge Americans to get vaccinated

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Washington Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and their respective former first ladies are part of a newly released ad campaign urging Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine ...

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