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Sparatoria in una scuola del Texas: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace laments how Beto was treated for interrupting press conference

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Il "Scadenza: casa Bianca" host featured a clip of the Texas gubernatorial candidate criticizing Gov. Greg Abbott before being shouted at by conference attendees and having security escort him out of the room. "If t...

Beto stordisce Twitter con l'interruzione della conferenza stampa sulla sparatoria a scuola: «Essere umano veramente malato’

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Verso l'inizio della conferenza stampa del mercoledì, O'Rourke salì sul palco in cui il governatore, Il Luogotenente Governatore Dan Patrick, Suo. Ted Cruz, il sindaco Uvalde, e le forze dell'ordine erano sedute. Tra...

Veteran White House reporters get candid on press secretary role as Jean-Pierre takes over: ‘Tricky business

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"Do you view your primary role here as speaking for the president and promoting his interests?" Zeke Miller of the Associated Press asked. "Or are you committed to providing the unvarnished truth to the American peop...

Jean-Pierre evidenzia il suo background come un "nero"., gay, immigrato’ donna al primo briefing come addetta stampa

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"Sono ovviamente profondamente consapevole che la mia presenza su questo podio rappresenta alcuni primati. Sono un nero, gay, donna immigrata, il primo di tutti e tre a ricoprire questa posizione," Jean-Pierre ha detto durante il suo primo bri...

Montaggio: Psaki’s most tense and memorable exchanges with White House press

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Ma, Psaki, whose last day is Friday, is now set to depart the podium for a new gig at MSNBC, and will be replaced by principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Upon learning of her departure, Fox News Whi...

Associated Press suggests Elon Musk’s spats with critics contradict his fight for free speech on Twitter

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In a piece titled "Elon Musk, an erratic visionary, revels in contradiction," the AP claimed Musk's multi billion-dollar gambit to take over the social media giant shows he "thrives on contradiction." "Musk boasts th...

Five notable moments from Jen Psaki’s time as press secretary

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With pehernding departure from the White House, here are some of the more notable moments from Psaki’s time behind the podium. Associated Press reporter ended press briefing early Tensions in the briefing room boi...

Republicans press Hunter Biden’s business partner for records on tax refund transfer from father

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Committee Ranking Member James Comer of Kentucky and more than a dozen other Republicans issued the letter raising questions about what role Hunter Biden played in managing his father’s finances. HUNTER BIDEN BUSINES...

Prince Harry gets slammed by UK press following recent interview: ‘Duke of Delusion

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Il duca di Sussex, who is currently in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, opened up about his life in America, as well as his recent surprise visit with Queen Elizabeth II, to NBC’s "Oggi" spettacolo. The interview,...

Ingraham: The press is issuing dire assessments of Biden

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Joe tries to feel our pain. A White House fresh out of ideas is casting about for ways to save both Biden and the Democrats in Congress. No matter how much they've tinkered with their messaging, we've...

I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi": I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi"

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ARI FLESCHER: Sai, I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi"? I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi". I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi", I democratici sono "il partito dei ricchi".

tutto sta andando storto’ tutto sta andando storto, tutto sta andando storto’

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rappresentante. dire che la decisione "prende in giro la scienza", R-Me., dire che la decisione "prende in giro la scienza" 12 dire che la decisione "prende in giro la scienza" "dire che la decisione "prende in giro la scienza". dire che la decisione "prende in giro la scienza".

FLOTUS’ Press Secretary Michael LaRosa tests positive for COVID-19

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MAINE SEN. SUSAN COLLINS TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, IS EXPERIENCING ‘MILD SYMPTOMS’ LaRosa confirmed his positive diagnosis and said he has not been in close contact with the first lady in a statement to Fox News T...

L'addetto stampa Jen Psaki prevede di lasciare la Casa Bianca per MSNBC nelle prossime settimane

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Democratic Sens. Kelly, Manchin press Biden over Gulf oil leases

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The comments from Kelly, D-Ariz., and Manchin, D-W.Va., come as American energy production is put into sharp focus amid Russia's war on Ukraine. The war exposed Europe's reliance on Russian energy and highlighted the...

Chris Rock insisted he did not want to press charges against Will Smith, Oscars show producer says

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After Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage Sunday at the Academy Awards ceremony, Los Angeles police officers were prepared to arrest Smith, according to an interview with the award show's producer, but t...