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Former Lincoln Project advisor Tom Nichols mocks Americans concerned about inflation, high gas prices

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Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin took to Twitter to share a piece she wrote claiming, "Midterm voters must decide: Do they want to give the unhinged party that can’t admit their cult leader lost and still mak...

Car prices remain high as Chinese-made semiconductor shortage keeps inventories low

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"We have to charge more money for the cars because we're paying more money for the cars," John Bodmann, a product specialist with McGrath Volvo Cars of Fort Myers, ha detto a Fox News. "The prices of used cars have escalat...

Kristi Noem hits Biden on rising meat prices with ‘attack on capitalism

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BIDEN ADMIN ROILED BY CRISES ON AFGHANISTAN, BORDER, INFLATION, COVID – BUT HEADS YET TO ROLL GOV. KRISTI NOEM, R-SD: He's willing to go out there and spend more money and pursue other ideas and not just do the basi...

'Il tuo mondo’ on inflation, prezzi della benzina

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JACKIE DEANGELIS, FOX NEWS ANCORA: Round two. President Biden and Russian President Putin meeting by phone this hour for a second time this month, as thousands of Russian troops remain on the border with Ukraine. Now...

È probabile che gli Stati Uniti per ora trattengano le sanzioni energetiche per la Russia, temendo un impatto sui prezzi globali

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L'amministrazione Biden sta elaborando opzioni per più round di dure sanzioni contro la Russia se si muove per invadere l'Ucraina, ma le sanzioni energetiche sono probabilmente l'ultima risorsa, dato l'impatto che potrebbero avere sul mondo..

Egg farmer raises prices for first time in seven years over supply chain issues

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"It's not just shortages in grain and labor – we're also experiencing trucking increases, packaging increases, fuel increases," Country Hen General Manager Bob Beauregard told Fox News. "It's not something that I li...

'I cinque’ on crime sprees in California, gas prices under Biden

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST (sulla fotocamera): Ciao, tutti. I'm Jesse Watters along with Dagen McDowell, Jessica Tarlov, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld.It's five o'clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.It is a ...

Il Washington Post prende in giro il tweet del DCCC sui prezzi del gas: 'potrebbe essere la peggior difesa dell'amministrazione Biden'’

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"Nessuno sosterrebbe che le cose stanno andando perfettamente per il presidente Biden," Bump ha scritto in una colonna giovedì. "Molti, infatti, vorrei sottolineare che, almeno politicamente, le cose raramente sono andate peggio... quindi è sicuro dirlo....

Tomi Lahren rips Pete Buttigieg for suggesting buying electric cars to avoid high gas prices

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"In Brandon Biden’s America if you can’t afford luxury items or you’re just bored, loot," lei disse, pointing to throngs of people in Democrat-run cities smashing their way into high-end retailers to loot merchandise....

Pelosi and Schumer blasted Trump for high gas prices, but numbers worse under Biden

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Pelosi and Schumer both took shots at Trump in 2018 over gas prices across the nation as they neared the $ 3 mark, but Biden hasn't gotten the same treatment even as prices are significantly higher than they were th...

Turkey farmers explain why prices are so high as Thanksgiving favorites soar

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"You name it, attrezzature, fuel, labor, everything," Kyle Scott, who co-owns Old Glory Farm in Wisconsin with his wife, Deanna, ha detto a Fox News. "There's just inflation. Everywhere we look, every direction we turn, every...

L'amministratore di Biden crea "distrazione"’ con l'aumento dei prezzi del gas, GOP You. Kennedy dice

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Ingraham ha iniziato il segmento mostrando un video clip di Jennifer Granholm, Il segretario all'energia del presidente Biden, dicendo ai giornalisti durante una conferenza stampa che non sapeva quanti barili di petrolio consumavano gli americani ...

Karl Rove slams Biden administration for ‘fake actionto fix gas prices

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Rove: The gas prices are up 61 percent since the time that [Biden] entrato in carica. Part of it is because of the overhang of the pandemic. But the other part of it is the anti-energy actions that this administration has ...

Biden annuncia il rilascio delle riserve di petrolio come parte dello sforzo per abbassare i prezzi del gas

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Martedì il presidente Joe Biden annuncerà il rilascio del Dipartimento dell'Energia 50 milioni di barili di petrolio dalla Strategic Petroleum Reserve come parte di uno sforzo per abbassare i prezzi elevati del gas e affrontare la mancanza di ...

Americans ‘don’t buyBiden’s energy rhetoric amid ‘waron production, high prices: rappresentante. Pfluger

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RISING INFLATION SEES MAINE, NEW ENGLANDERS BLAST BIDEN ADMINISTRATION AND ‘RICH PEOPLE TRYING TO GET RICHER’ The Texas congressman joined "Volpe & Prima gli amici" on Thursday to discuss the president's policy on do...

Biden asks FTC to ‘immediatelylook into whether illegal conduct is pushing up gas prices

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President Joe Biden asked the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday to "subito" investigate whether illegal activity by oil and gas companies is pushing up gas prices. In a letter to the FTC commissioner, Biden ...