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5 things to watch in Tuesday’s primaries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont and Connecticut

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Primaries in the Upper Midwest on Tuesday will set the stage for two major governor's races, as Republicans in Wisconsin and Minnesota select their nominees to take on those states' Democratic incumbents in November...

Where the ‘Impeachment 10stand heading into the final 2022 primarie

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rappresentante. Dan Newhouse of Washington state managed to do something that's proven to be quite rare for the small band of House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump last year: he kept his political future alive. ...

8 things to watch in Tuesday’s primaries

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Summer break is over. With fewer than 100 days until the general election, the final rounds of 2022 midterms primaries will come fast and furious over the next six weeks, beginning with a busy Tuesday featuring key ...

These are the election deniers on the ballot in Tuesday’s primaries

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Republican voters in several key swing states could select election deniers as their nominees for governorships and other top offices in primaries Tuesday. The issue is at the heart of high-profile races in Arizona ...

ABC panel criticizes Democrats meddling in GOP primaries: ‘Embarrassingly hypocritical

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"It's risky and it's hypocritical," Page said, adding that it was risky because some of these candidates could end up winning. "It's hypocritical because Democrats have been saying that election deniers threaten our...

Glenn Greenwald: I democratici che aiutano il GOP amante di Trump a vincere le primarie è un "gioco pericoloso".’ per loro

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GLENN GREENWALD: Puoi tornare a 2016 e trovare esperti liberali molto tradizionalisti che dicono esattamente la stessa cosa su Donald Trump. Stavano dicendo, "Facciamo davvero il tifo per Donald Trump. Speriamo che il papà repubblicano...

Maryland gubernatorial primaries test both partiesattitudes toward their establishments

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Maryland's primary Tuesday is set to test Democratic voters' views of the party's establishment and Republicans' willingness to stick with what's been a winning formula for the GOP in the deep-blue state. Lunedì l'Agenzia per la protezione ambientale deve affrontare un caso della Corte Suprema che potrebbe infliggere un duro colpo alla capacità del governo federale di combattere la crisi climatica e prevenirne i peggiori esiti.

Here’s what November’s midterms look like after the spring primaries

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Una versione di questa storia appare nella newsletter What Matters della CNN. Per ottenerlo nella tua casella di posta, iscriviti gratuitamente qui. Historic wins for racially diverse and first-time candidates. Questions about former President Dona...

7 things to watch for in primaries in Colorado, Illinois and other states

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Tuesday's last round of primaries before the midterm election season takes a brief summer hiatus could be the last stand for a handful of high-profile incumbents facing challenges for their seats or clashing with ea...

La colonna del Washington Post chiama i "gruppi di denaro oscuro" democratici’ incoraggiare i "repubblicani estremisti".’ nelle primarie

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L'autore Charles Lane ha notato il rapporto del Washington Post di lunedì secondo cui i repubblicani gareggiavano alle primarie in Colorado, L'Illinois e il Nevada lo erano stati "beneficiando" dai gruppi democratici "spendendo milioni di d...

Democrats ‘meddlingin GOP primaries hoping to nominate unelectable Republicans

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In Illinois, Democrats have spent millions attacking African-American Mayor Richard Irvin, who is the establishment favorite on the Republican side for the governor’s race. Democrats are trying to boost state Sen. Ri...

Trump-backed challengers could shake up South Carolina as Nevada, Maine and North Dakota also vote in Tuesday primaries

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Former President Donald Trump's sway with Republicans will face another stark test on Tuesday night in primaries around the country, but the stakes will be unusually high in two US House races in South Carolina, ns...

Trump not on the ballot, but playing key role in high profile Nevada, South Carolina primaries

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This year Trump’s birthday falls on the same day that four states — Nevada, Carolina del Sud, Maine, and North Dakota — hold primaries, with Texas holding a congressional special election. "Give me a birthday present, ...

5 things to watch Tuesday in primaries in South Carolina, Nevada, Maine and more

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Two South Carolina Republicans will attempt to hold on to their seats in primaries Tuesday after breaking with former President Donald Trump over his lies about the 2020 election and his role in the January 6, 2021,...

Republican candidates with January 6 ties are winning primaries for competitive House seats. Will voters care in November?

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A string of Republican candidates who attended the "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington and marched to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, are winning or could win primaries in competitive congressional districts, di...

Signs of low turnout in Tuesday’s primaries present warning for Democrats

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Democrats faced fresh warning signs Tuesday night in two blue states at a moment when they are trying to get their base voters energized and primed for an intensely competitive election year. In both California and ...