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West says Trump’s backing of Abbott ‘doesn’t hurt’ his primary challenge against Texas governor

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"It has no relevance to me as I prepare to run for governor of Texas," West told Fox News ahead of his speech this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) a Dallas, Texas. WEST LAUNCHES GOP CH...

Trump-backed Perdue struggles in Republican primary challenge in Georgia

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David Perdue kicked off his campaign for governor of Georgia with an emphatic endorsement from former President Donald Trump. Ma da allora, his primary challenge to unseat Brian Kemp -- the Republican governor Tru...

Trump-backed J.D. Vance projected winner in tumultuous Senate GOP primary showdown in Ohio

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The Associated Press projected Vance’s victory in Ohio, which along with the neighboring Midwestern state of Indiana held primary elections on Tuesday, kicking off a frenetic schedule this month, with a total of 13 S...

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will defeat challenger George P. Bush in GOP primary, Progetti CNN

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will win the Republican nomination for a third term in office, Progetti CNN, defeating state Land Commissioner George P. Bush in a runoff. Paxton, who has been beset by criminal pr...

House candidate touts record, says Spanberger is ‘worst kind of politicianahead of Virginia GOP primary

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Nel 2018, Yesli Vega, who began her law enforcement career as a street cop with the City of Alexandria’s Police Department, won the Republican nomination and later defeated her Democratic challenger in a general elect...

Chip Roy su Liz Cheney che perde le primarie della Wyoming House: Gli elettori "non volevano più della palude’

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RAPPRESENTANTE. CHIP ROY: La Dichiarazione di Indipendenza è molto chiara. Il governo trae il suo potere dal consenso dei governati. La gente del Wyoming ha parlato stasera, e hanno parlato perché vogliono l'agenda che t...

Trump’s in a historically strong 2024 primary position for an ex-president

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Donald Trump is no longer president. He no longer has the megaphone of Twitter. But make no mistake: This is still Trump's Republican Party. You see it in the actions of Republican state and local parties trying t...

Jason Rantz: Can’t make this up. Seattle City Attorney candidate wins primary and vows to abolish office

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Thomas-Kennedy is a police and prison abolitionist who wants to dismantle the Seattle City Attorney’s Office. She is a former public defender who says most misdemeanor crimes should not be prosecuted. And given her s...

Que Morrison ha aggiunto

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Que Morrison ha aggiunto, Que Morrison ha aggiunto, Que Morrison ha aggiunto, Que Morrison ha aggiunto.

Dott. Oz says 2015 tweet should disqualify Barnette from Republican primary: ‘reprehensible

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The remark concerns a tweet from 2015 when Barnette said "[object Window]" was a fundamental tenet of the Islamic religion. Oz. is hoping to become the state’s first Muslim senator and said the comment should be "disquali...

Supreme Court case may determine winner of Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito agreed Tuesday to temporarily block a lower court decision that allows the counting of undated ballots in Pennsylvania in a case that could directly tip a judicial race and also im...

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert scores crucial vote of confidence in Colorado primary election victory: ‘Freedom wins

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Martedì sera, Boebert was declared the winner in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District over her moderate opponent, state Rep. Don Coram. "Freedom wins!" she said in a tweet after the results were announced. "Di...

4 things to watch for on the final primary day of 2022

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Il 2022 primary season is poised to go out with a bang, as voters in New Hampshire and Rhode Island decide a series of fiercely contested races that could play a major role in deciding control of the House and Sena...

"New York è tornata"!’ Le primarie del sindaco democratico di New York affascinano una città rianimata

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Quando New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez è salita sul palco a una manifestazione per la candidata sindaco di New York Maya Wiley sabato sera, la deputata ha fatto una pausa e ha preso la scena. Prima che lei facesse il caso...

Il padre di Josh Duggar, Jim Bob, perde le primarie del Senato dello stato dell'Arkansas dopo il verdetto di colpevolezza del figlio in un caso di pedopornografia

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I risultati del sondaggio delle elezioni di martedì mostrano che Colby Fulfer, chi è il capo dello staff della città di Springdale, vinto 46% del voto. Steve Unger ha vinto più di 36% del voto. I due si affronteranno in un Jan. ...

COVID-19 rules take center stage in Nevada GOP governor primary as candidates blame Gov’s ‘draconian’ regole

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Schools were remote or hybrid for more than a year after students were sent home in March 2020. School sports didn't resume until spring 2021. Nevada's indoor mask mandate was in place until February 2022, Compreso...