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Unlike Biden, Americans don’t see new infrastructure as a priority

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President Joe Biden is pushing his infrastructure bill, the American Jobs Plan. This bill strays from what has helped him maintain an approval rating above 50% so far during his presidency because, even though the p...

Biden DOJ slow to act on opioid crisis despite AG Garland saying it should be ‘high priority

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During his confirmation questioning, Garland was asked by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., if he believed stopping the funneling of "highly potent" synthetic opioids into America should be a top priority for the Justice Depa...

Cuomo distances himself from priority COVID testing scandal: ‘I was not involvedon an ‘intimate level

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During a press conference, WCBS 880 radio reporter Peter Haskell confronted the embattled governor on the controversy. "Was it appropriate for your family and friends to be tested for COVID when others could not?" H...

California missing mother case gets new update from cops, ‘bringing her home safelyis number one priority

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Mei "Maya" Millete, 39, was last seen at her home in Chula Vista, California on January 7. The city is located in San Diego County, oor 10 miles from the borer. (Maya Millet’s family) "As we near ...

Family caregivers who aren’t given priority for the vaccine, worry what would happen ‘if I get sick

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(KHN)Robin Davidson entered the lobby of Houston Methodist Hospital, where her 89-year-old father, Joe, was being treated for a flare-up of congestive heart failure. Before her stretched a line of people waiting to ...

With his staff, Bruce Arians has made diversity a priority as Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach

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A glass ceiling shattered in the NFL in July 2015, when Bruce Arians -- then the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals -- hired Jen Welter to the team's coaching staff as an intern, making her the first woman to hold ...

States put smokers in line for the Covid-19 vaccine, sparking frustration among those lower in priority

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Federal guidelines recommend that smokers under the age of 65, considered high-risk for severe Covid-19 symptoms, be eligible for the vaccine in early phases of distribution, frustrating essential workers lower in t...

China belowe steeds sy bondgenote in Afrika dat koronavirus-entstowwe vir die vasteland 'n prioriteit is. Maar waar is hulle??

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Die Chinese minister van buitelandse sake, Wang Yi, sluit hierdie naweek 'n toer van vyf dae deur Afrika af sonder om 'n enkele konkrete entstofverbintenis tot 'n kontinent te maak met die hoop dat 'n welwillende Beijing die bevolking sal help om sy bevolking te ent..