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Indian court sentences top Kashmiri separatist to life in prison

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New DelhiAn Indian court on Wednesday ordered life in jail for Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik for funding "terrorist" activities and many other charges, prompting street protests outside his residence and con...

Man convicted of starting California wildfire that killed endangered condors was sentenced to 24 anni di prigione

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A man convicted of starting California's Dolan Fire -- which critically injured a firefighter, destroyed several homes and killed a dozen of endangered condors -- è stato condannato a 24 anni di prigione, prosecutors ann...

Manhunt underway after convicted murderer escapes after allegedly attacking officer driving prison bus

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A convicted murderer is on the run in Leon County, Texas, after fleeing a prison transportation bus after he assaulted a corrections officer, i funzionari hanno detto giovedì. Gonzalo Lopez, 46, was serving a life sentence f...

Alabama inmate Casey White, who fled with Vicky White, seen in latest booking photo from state prison

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Casey Bianco, 38, appeared stone-faced in the latest mugshot image, wearing a tan-colored top and staring straight into the camera. The murder suspect was extradited from Evansville, Indiana, to Lauderdale County in A...

Più di 40 dead in Ecuador prison riot

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A prison riot between rival gangs has left at least 43 morto e 13 injured at a maximum security facility in northern Ecuador. The death toll is likely to increase as many of those injured were taken to hospital in...

Casey White scappa: Alabama prison guard shown with darker hair as duo evades capture

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Casey Cole White, 38, and Vicky White, 56, who are not related but were allegedly in a "special relationship," disappeared from Alabama’s Lauderdale County Detention Center on Friday morning. Al tempo, Vicky White...

Missing Alabama prison official had sold home, was expected to retire before murder suspect escaped

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Casey Cole White, 38 and Vicky White, 56, were last seen Friday morning on surveillance video ditching a marked vehicle at a parking lot on Florence, Alabama, di 70 miles west of Huntsville, according to authoriti...

ISIS ‘Beatlescell member Alexanda Kotey sentenced to life in prison

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A member of the ISIS terror cell nicknamed the "scarafaggi" was sentenced to life in prison on Friday by US District Judge T. S. Ellis in Alexandria, Virginia. Alexanda Kotey pleaded guilty in September to taking part ...

The inside story of one man’s five-year ordeal in an Iranian prison

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This column is going to turn into a free newsletter starting April 25. Sign up here to get Meanwhile in the Middle East, a three-times-a-week inside look at the region's biggest stories and what they mean for your wo...

DOJ finds evidence of unconstitutional conditions at Mississippi state prison

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Washington A federal investigation into Mississippi State Penitentiary found evidence that conditions at the facility violate the US Constitution, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. Assistant Attorney Genera...

He spent three decades in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Now at 61, this San Francisco man will be freed

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Joaquin Ciria has spent more than half his life behind bars for the murder of his friend in San Francisco, a crime he has always maintained he didn't commit. Ciria was exonerated Monday, Esattamente 32 years to the date...

Philadelphia waives residency requirement for police and prison guards amid staffing shortages

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Amid significant staffing shortages for police and prison officers, Philadelphia has lifted its residency requirement that required newly hired recruits to live in the city for one year prior to their appointment, un...

Scandalo di ammissione al college: Ex-USC water polo coach found guilty of taking bribes, test taker gets prison

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The conviction of Jovan Vavic, 60, is the latest in a series of federal prosecutions against dozens of wealthy parents and school athletic administrators in a scandal that has since clouded the university admissions ...

Los Angeles follow-home robbery suspect arrested after being released from prison days earlier

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Matthew Adams, 18, has been detained for a fourth time this year after he allegedly attacked two UCLA students outside a residence, robbing them of two expensive watches and an iPhone totaling over $ 145,000, the Lo...

Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".

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Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"., Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"., Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".. Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"..

Man who parked weapons near Capitol on 1/6 gets prison

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NOI. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said she still hasn’t heard an explanation for why Lonnie Leroy Coffman had "almost a small armory in his truck, ready to do battle." She sentenced Coffman to three years an...