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High school student calls out ‘political bias and intellectual intoleranceof elite NYC private school

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Ryan Finlay, a senior at the elite Horace Mann School in the Bronx, said in an op-ed for the school paper, The Record, last week that the institution appears, on its face, to be politically a "remarkably homogeneous ...

US takes action against two private planes owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

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A US judge approved the seizure of two of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's private planes, valutato a più di $ 400 milioni, for violating US export and sanctions laws. The planes, a Gulfstream and a Boeing 787...

Il sospetto di aggressione sessuale su minori che avrebbe ucciso un investigatore privato viene ucciso a colpi di arma da fuoco dalla polizia del Texas

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Un uomo ricercato con l'accusa di violenza sessuale su minori ha ucciso un investigatore privato che gli stava scontando un mandato, secondo la polizia di Garland, Texas. La sparatoria è avvenuta all'interno di una stanza di un motel giovedì sera....

School staff reportedly told to share information on studentsgender transition with private company

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è stato visto l'ultima volta venerdì, durante un "day of professional learning" at the Clear Creek Independent School District, a presentation was given regarding topics related to gender identity by a staff member from the Montros...

Erase these private details Google knows about you

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It’s not just search. Your Gmail inbox, Google Drive files, Maps history, YouTube views, and much more are added to the dossier of info on you. Here’s a buried Google Maps setting you should change right now. Mentre...

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, 91, arrested for carrying gun while boarding private plane: rapporto

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Ecclestone, 91, was boarding the plane to Switzerland when Brazilian police said they found an undocumented LW Seecamp .32 gun in his luggage during an X-ray screening at Viracopos airport in Campinas, Reuters report...

Deion Sanders uninterested in private chat with Nick Saban after accusation: ‘We need to talk publicly

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Saban alleged Wednesday at a conference in Birmingham that Jackson State paid top recruit Travis Hunter $ 1 million to go to the HBCU and flip his commitment. He also accused Texas A&M of essentially buying play...

Missouri teachers can hide private conversations with students from parents, says policy in dozens of schools

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The policies, which are part of the broader category "Interviews with or Removal of Students," stato "school counselors meet with students to discuss academics and personal issues, teachers often discuss academic per...

Reestablish separation between private, public spheres during protests at SCOTUS justices’ le case: Continetti

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HEWITT: The markets are very upset and [Suo.] Ted Cruz is right on the mark. The president can go out every single day between now and November and tell everyone the economy is great and it's the best economy that's ...

La nuova società di media di Kevin Hart ottiene $100 milioni di investimenti in private equity

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Il cabarettista e attore di Hollywood Kevin Hart ha lanciato martedì una nuova società di media chiamata HARTBEAT, con un $ 100 milioni di investimenti dalla società di private equity Abry Partners. Abry, che si concentra sugli investimenti in...

Federal court dismisses challenges to Texas abortion law’s private enforcement provision

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Gli Stati Uniti. 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent the legal challenge against the six-week abortion ban back to the state Supreme Court with orders to dismiss all challenges. "Having received the ruling of the Texas S...

Joy Reid screeches DeSantis’ ‘private police force’ will ‘intimidate’ Black people ‘out of being able to vote’

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DeSantis signed a bill Monday to create a police force to crack down on voter fraud and strengthen election integrity. Reid’s Monday night segment featured her latest spiel against the GOP, which she claimed is embra...

Il principe Andréj trascorse due giorni da solo in una suite privata della California a guardare il porno sulla TV via cavo, affermazioni sul libro

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L'affermazione è stata fatta dall'ex editore di Vanity Fair Tina Brown in un nuovo libro bomba che uscirà ad aprile 26 intitolato "Le carte del palazzo: Dentro la casa di Windsor - La verità e il tumulto." Esplora il "S...

Zelenskyy chiede più sanzioni mentre Boris Johnson del Regno Unito fa una visita a sorpresa a Kiev 1982 Zelenskyy chiede più sanzioni mentre Boris Johnson del Regno Unito fa una visita a sorpresa a Kiev

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Zelenskyy chiede più sanzioni mentre Boris Johnson del Regno Unito fa una visita a sorpresa a Kiev, 64, Zelenskyy chiede più sanzioni mentre Boris Johnson del Regno Unito fa una visita a sorpresa a Kiev, dove è incarcerato per a 1983 dove è incarcerato per a. dove è incarcerato per a.

Boston-area school board blocked church’s private school due to Christian beliefs, lawyers claim

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First Liberty Institute and the Massachusetts Family Institute sent a letter Thursday urging Somerville Superintendent Mary Skipper and the Somerville Public School Committee to allow Vida Real Church, a largely Hisp...

Florida student on how he’s tracking Russian oligarchs’ private jets

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"Planes, they all transmit their location. It’s more of like a security feature after 9/11. Instead of radar they all have identifiers, and they transmit their speed and location," said the University of Central Flor...