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Young progressives warn that Democrats could have a youth voter problem in 2022

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With less than one year until the 2022 中間選挙, young voters -- who turned out in high numbers for President Joe Biden in 2020 -- warn that if the Biden administration and congressional Democrats don't act...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: The White House sees you as the problem, and themselves as victims

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ジェン・サキ: She is the first African American woman, 色の女性, Indian American woman to serve in this job. 女性. というのは, so many firsts, 正しい? It’s a lot to have on your shoulders // she is somebody who, で ...

No turkey? 問題ない! Try a plant-based Thanksgiving menu this year

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Sign up for our newsletter on what many consider to be the world's healthiest diet: CNN's Eat But Better, 地中海スタイル. Thinking about ditching the turkey this Thanksgiving? You're not the only one. Whether ...


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大丈夫, ジェイミー・フォックスと自由を取り合ったかもしれません "それを責める," しかし、私が作成したばかりのこの新しいリミックスバージョンは、ジャイアンツの負傷したロッカールームの適切な叙情的なバージョンです。. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください。.

Colin Powell was a longtime Republican. But he often criticized the party’s race problem

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ワシントン "A Black kid of no early promise." That's how Colin Powell, who died on Monday, described himself in his 1995 autobiography "My American Journey." Over his 84 年, the South Bronx-raised son of Jamaican ...

Hemmer presses pro-Biden economist on calling inflation a ‘high-class problem’: '何を考えていたのですか?’

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"To paraphrase Jay Leno, what in the hell were you thinking?" asked Hemmer. Furman responded by first acknowledging that inflation was both a real issue affecting American families and also an issue that "we should ...

カマラハリスは中央アメリカの問題を解決するためにやって来ました. しかし、問題は今でははるかに大きくなっています.

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ワシントン州ジョー・バイデン大統領がカマラ・ハリス副大統領をタップして、人々が米国南部の国境に移住する理由に対処したとき, 彼女の焦点は中央アメリカの問題に取り組むことでした. しかし、7か月後...

The problem with the term ‘Asian American,’ according to Jay Caspian Kang

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Will Asian Americans become White? 質問 -- which considers whether Asian Americans will fully assimilate into the multicultural elite -- is at the heart of "The Loneliest Americans," a provocative new book o...

Raymond Arroyo on ‘Faulkner Focus’: New Hunter Biden emails ‘a huge problemfor White House

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JOE BIDEN COULD GET DRAWN INTO THE FBI PROBE INTO HIS SON HUNTER: REPORT RAYMOND ARROYO It’s a huge problem. This has been going on since that laptop first surfaced. We know there were these conjoined accounts where ...

「大きな問題」: 乗客は空港に記録的な数の銃を持ってきています, TSAは言う

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航空会社の乗客は、これまでに見たことのない数の銃を空港に持ってきています, そしてそれは "大きな問題," 運輸保安局長はCNNに語った. 治安および法執行当局はにいます。.

タッカーカールソン: Inflation is not a temporary problem, it is real and it is here

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The Federal Reserve was created way back in 1913 by an act of Congress, and it had really two main goals: maximize employment and keep prices stable—keep inflation under control. Those are virtuous goals. But it may ...

Democrats have a midterm turnout problem. Being more liberal won’t help.

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Democrats are likely to have a turnout issue in 2022. To solve this turnout problem, there will be a temptation to double-down on progressive policies. And indeed, President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda poll...


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独立派がジョー・バイデンに大統領職を手渡したと言っても過言ではありません。 2020. バイデンは無党派の有権者を 54% に 42% 昨年11月のドナルドトランプに対するマージン, victoの4ポイントマージンからのターンアラウンド。.

California’s oil spill points to another problem: Aging and deteriorating offshore oil equipment

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After a pipeline leak sent as much as 144,000 gallons of oil gushing into the ocean off the coast of California last week, energy experts pointed to another growing problem: America's offshore oil and gas infrastruc...

サラシルバーマンはハリウッドが「ユダヤ人」の問題を抱えていると言います: 私たちの表現は「絶えず違反されています’

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コメディアン, 50, カトリックで育った女優の後の最新の例としてキャスリンハーンを指摘した, 48, ジョーンリバーズ後期を描写するためにタップされました, ユダヤ人は誰でしたか, 今後の限定シリーズで. "このロンがあります。.

‘The Problem With Jon Stewarttakes a serious leap into advocacy journalism

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Emerging from his TV hibernation, Jon Stewart has taken John Oliver's deep-dive format into a single issue and gone a step further in "The Problem With Jon Stewart." 場合 "The Daily Show" offered a satirical spin on t...

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