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‘Cheerstar Jerry Harris arrested on charge of production of child pornography

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Jeremiah "Jerry" Harris, one of the students featured in Netflix's breakout docuseries "Cheer," has been arrested on a production of child pornography charge, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Fitzpatrick....

‘The Batmanproduction back in full swing

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"The Batman" is terug. Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Zoë Kravitz were spotted filming the Matt Reeves blockbuster in Liverpool, Engeland. Fans got a peek of Kravitz as Catwoman, dressed in a shiny black trench coa...

'N Veteraan van die Golden Globes-produksie verduidelik hoe om 'n vertoning saam te stel tydens 'n pandemie

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In die 30 jare het Melissa Trueblood in produksie gewerk, sy het alles gesien -- al beweer sy dat sy nie die coolste stories het nie. Maar 2021 het haar een van haar hoogste bestellings tot nog toe gegee: om die Golden Glo te help ...

At-home Covid-19 test to ramp up production with $231.8 million federal contract

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The Biden administration announced on Monday that the US Department of Defense and US Department of Health and Human Services are working with Australian company Ellume to provide more of its fully at-home Covid-19 ...

Biden-administrasie gebruik die Defence Production Act vir Pfizer-voorrade, tuis toetse en maskers

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Die Biden-administrasie maak gebruik van die Wet op Verdedigingproduksie op drie sleutelgebiede, die top-amptenaar wat met voorrade belas is, is Vrydag aangekondig, toerusting en voorrade vir die produksie van Pfizer-entstof ingesluit, 'n ink ...

Hallelujah! ‘Sister Act 3is in production, with Whoopi Goldberg starring

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Disney has announced that a third installment of "Sister Act" is in development, with Whoopi Goldberg reprising her starring role nearly three decades after the original film was hailed by audiences worldwide. "Sist...

Production of ‘The Rookie’ cop drama interrupted by gunfire near filming location

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A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News on Thursday that a call came in around 2:56 nm. local time of reported gunshots in the Rampart district near the cross streets of Hartford Avenue an...

Tyler Perry sets up vaccination site at his Atlanta studios for production crew

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The 51-year-old media mogul set up a vaccination site at his Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Ga. after he was vaccinated back in January. Tyler hopes teaming up with Grady Hospital will help ease vaccine hesitancy. Ek ...

Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua pull ‘Emancipationproduction from Georgia

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Georgia has lost a major production because of its newly restrictive voting legislation. It was announced Monday that director/producer Antoine Fuqua and his Fuqua Films and actor/producer Will Smith and his media c...