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State Department says meeting with senior Taliban leaders was ‘candid and professional

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State Department Spokesman Ned Price issued a readout on the meetings in Doha, Katar, con "senior Taliban representatives." The statement said that the "NOSOTROS. delegation focused on security and terrorism concerns and...

Bucks contrata a Lisa Byington, convirtiéndola en la primera mujer en ser locutora de televisión jugada a jugada a tiempo completo para un equipo deportivo profesional masculino importante

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Se ha roto una importante barrera de transmisión deportiva. Lisa Byington ha sido contratada por el campeón defensor de la NBA, Milwaukee Bucks, como locutora televisiva jugada por jugada del equipo para los partidos en Bally Sports Wisconsin., th ...

Muhammad Ali’s grandson marks professional boxing debut with a victory

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The continuation of a legacy was how Nico Ali Walsh -- the grandson of Muhammad Ali -- described making his professional boxing debut in the sport on Saturday. Wearing a pair of his grandfather's white trunks, la 2...

15-year-old soccer player should be allowed to play in US professional women’s league, reglas del juez

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A federal judge has ruled that a 15-year-old soccer player should be able to be signed by the National Women's Soccer League despite the league's existing age restriction. In a ruling issued Monday, Judge Karin Imme...

Seth Rogen says his James Franco professional relationship may be done amid misconduct allegations

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Franco has been the subject of controversy in recent years after being caught propositioning a 17-year-old girl on Instagram when he was 35 en 2014. That story was followed up by allegations of sexual misconduct and ...

UFC’s Dana White rips ‘wokeprofessional sports: ‘If you want to listen to that stuff’, change the channel

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Host Sean Hannity noted that leagues like the NBA and NFL have seen their ratings crater as many of their headlining athletes like L.A. Lakers forward LeBron James and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kae...

Becerra expected to face heat over lack of experience but stress his personal and professional history at confirmation hearing

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President Joe Biden's nominee for the nation's top health position Xavier Becerra will stress his upbringing as a son of a Mexican immigrant, his father's recent passing and his history expanding health care access ...

The Boston Red Sox just hired Bianca Smiththe first Black woman to coach in professional baseball history

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The Boston Red Sox just made history by hiring Bianca Smith, the first Black woman to coach in the history of professional baseball. Smith will serve as a minor league coach within the organization, based at the cl...

How professional wrestling perfectly explains Donald Trump’s ‘Supermanstunt

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This paragraph, from The New York Times, might at first shock you: "In several phone calls last weekend from the presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, señor. Trump shared an idea he was co...