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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and creator of the ‘1619 Projectreaches settlement with University of North Carolina

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and creator of the "1619 Progetto," whose tenure last year was initially denied by the University of North Carolina board of trustees despite a recommendation by the tenure committee...

Biden administration takes key step in controversial Alaska oil drilling project, angering environmental groups

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The Biden administration has taken a key step forward on a controversial proposed oil drilling project in Alaska's North Slope, angering climate advocates who say the project would release tons of emissions and doom...

Billionaire Chicago crime critic donates $5 million to Project H.O.O.D. amid his departure from the Windy City

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Pastor Corey Brooks, Project H.O.O.D.’s founder and CEO, ha detto che si sentiva "exceedingly great joy" when he learned about the donation from Ken Griffin, a billionaire and outspoken critic of Chicago’s crime and tax policie...

Navy needs to project power, not pronouns

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Talk about mission creep. NUWC’s website says it exists to conduct R&D, testing and other assessments on fleet support capabilities for submarines and other underwater systems, work that helps us defeat the enemy...

Jan. 6 committee ‘the least partisan’ ‘we’ll probably ever see,’ former Lincoln Project adviser says

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Wednesday’s episode featured another dissection of the hearings as well as a look back at House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and his previous involvement in the committee. Originariamente, McCarthy sugg...

Ernst bill would give unused border wall materials to states who want to finish project

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The BUILD IT Act would require the federal government to transfer any border wall materials that were contracted for but have not been used, to border states like Arizona and Texas, for construction of barriers and w...

Behind-the-scenes Lincoln Project documentary on Showtime won’t be flattering to Steve Schmidt: fonte

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But one source who was involved with the Lincoln Project told Fox News Digital that Schmidt might not care for how he is portrayed. "I think you're going to see just how much he was disliked by the entire staff," il...

NPR reporters how overturning Roe v. Wade is a ‘shared project of supremacist movements’

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The segment titled "Supremacy movements unite over abortion restriction, though for different reasons" focused primarily on how various extremist groups despite their conflicting ideologies are apparently united in c...

New York Times’ Hannah-Jones è diventata una star con l'aiuto dei media liberali nonostante "imperfetta".’ 1619 Progetto: morirà in guerra

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"I media hanno davvero aiutato Nikole Hannah-Jones a essere catapultato in questo status di celebrità, che anche e penso che questo sia il punto più grande, catapultato il 1619 Progetto in questo tipo di iniziativa nazionale [quella] fatto...

Il New York Times’ journey from paper of record to home of the 1619 Progetto

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Led by Nikole Hannah-Jones, il 1619 Project aims to "reframe" America’s history through the lens of slavery. It won a Pulitzer Prize but has been criticized for historical inaccuracies, with one Times columnist, Bre...

ACLU ‘deeply troubledby claims DOJ secretly surveilled Project Veritas communications as part of probe

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Project Veritas has been swept up in an ongoing federal investigation into the alleged "furto" of a diary belonging to President Biden daughter, Ashley Biden, durante 2020 Elezioni presidenziali. The right-wing gue...

Iowans respond to delayed project giving Apple $200 million in public subsidies: ‘It’s just welfare

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"It’s not fair. They don’t give me anything," a Waukee man told Fox News. "I go there as a citizen, as a single person, they’re not going to listen to me." Apple reached an agreement with state and local officials in...

Il progetto Goodwill alla scuola della California diventa virale

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Iscriviti a Stress della CNN, Ma Meno newsletter. Il progetto Goodwill alla scuola della California diventa virale. Il progetto Goodwill alla scuola della California diventa virale, Il progetto Goodwill alla scuola della California diventa virale ...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: [object Window]. Progetto H.O.O.D. [object Window]

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Mentre ci sono diverse ragioni per questa carenza, Mentre ci sono diverse ragioni per questa carenza, Mentre ci sono diverse ragioni per questa carenza. Mentre ci sono diverse ragioni per questa carenza.

Rivelazioni sul tetto: San Diego man to bike over 2,000 miles in support of Project H.O.O.D.

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There is one American named Dan Powell who refuses to accept these negative statistics. A native of the San Diego community, Powell recently made news for waiving the rent of his business tenants for a month during t...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: ‘We are connected by blood,’ Project H.O.O.D.’s Violence Prevention Team says

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"Why does Project H.O.O.D., or why does the city of Chicago need a Violence Prevention Team?" the pastor asked right off the bat. "A Violence Prevention Team is a team that is working directly on the street, boots on...