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Kelly Ripa’s son Joaquin wears dad Mark Consuelos’ tuxedo to prom

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The Emmy-winner joked about the tux's fit on the May 26 taping of "Live of Kelly and Ryan." Consuelos filled in for co-host Ryan Seacrest. "Borrowed his dad's tux and shoes," Ripa revealed. "Both we will say tight, ...

2 Indiana high school students killed in crash on their way to prom

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The students were identified as Hamilton Heights High School senior Kalen Hart and her prom date, Lendon Byram, a student at Cathedral High School, volgens berigte. "We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of...

A lesbian couple was shocked to learn they won prom king and queen

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A lesbian couple at an Ohio high school said they never expected to be voted as prom king and queen, but that's what happened last month. Annie Wise and Riley Loudermilk, albei 18, have been dating for six months. Th ...

2 Indiana high school students killed in car crash on their way to prom

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What was supposed to be a jubilant rite of passage was replaced by grief and tragedy in Indiana on Saturday. Two high school students died in a car crash on their way to the prom, Hamilton County sheriff's spokesper...

AZ parent slams school board for ‘double standardof hosting retirement party, canceling prom

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"Parents felt like the district just took a page out of the Marie Antoinette playbook there and said, ‘Let the seniors eat cake,’" Jennifer Alvey told "jakkals & Vriende-naweek" op Sondag. She noted that seniors wil...

Tennessee police officer helps teens get through a ‘knottyprom situation

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Officer Adam Price was called over from his patrol of Liberty Park in Clarksville to help 18-year-old Elijah Darling, and his friend, 18-year-old Jalen Lewis, tie their neckties for their high school senior photos. "...

‘Die prom’ unleashes its stars in an infectious, high-energy musical

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Timing can be everything, and so it is with "Die Prom," a splashy, affectionate and even hopeful ode to musicals and love (in daardie volgorde), whose infectious enthusiasm overcomes any minor sins. The latter includes a ...

Meryl Streep gushes over her ‘Promcostar Keegan-Michael Key

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Meryl Streep is "a little bit in love" with costar in er "Die Prom," Keegan-Michael Key. The multiple Oscar winner tells People that she enjoyed playing a Broadway diva who finds a connection with Key's high school ...