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Klasaksie-geding beweer seksuele wangedrag deur prominente Quebec-kardinaal en priester

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’n Klasaksie-geding is namens meer as 100 slagoffers van seksuele aanranding wat dateer uit die 1940's in die hande van lede van Quebec se Rooms-Katolieke Archiepiscopal Corporation en die Rooms-Katolieke..

Georgia’s Supreme Court overturned a prominent attorney’s murder conviction. Prosecutors now want to retry him

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A Georgia district attorney's office is planning to retry Claud "Tex" McIver for murder in his wife's killing after the state's supreme court overturned his previous conviction last month. Claud "Tex" McIver was co...

Prominent conservatives say election was lost, not stolen

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Die verslag, "LOST NOT STOLEN: The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election," was put together by three former federal judges and eight conservative leaders who investigated Trump...

Ireland women’s coach Vera Pauw says she was raped by ‘prominent football officialas a player

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Pauw, 59, made the allegations public in a lengthy statement posted on social media as well as in a report published Saturday in the Dutch newspaper NRC. Republic of Ireland manager Vera Pauw and her backr...

Georgia Supreme Court overturns prominent Atlanta attorney’s murder conviction in wife’s killing

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Georgia's highest court on Thursday unanimously overturned the murder conviction of a prominent Atlanta attorney in the death of his wife and granted him a new trial. Claud "Tex" McIver was convicted in 2018 of fel...

Hiring a hitman: Inside one Florida man’s alleged plot to murder his sister’s ex, a prominent attorney

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"I don’t want to know what happened," she told the defense. With her long, dirty blonde hair covering the collar of a black blazer she wore over a gray dress, her demeanor varied between the seemingly good-natured, ...

China silences prominent market analyst as economic slump deepens

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Hongkong (CNN Besigheid)Chinese social media have shut down the accounts of a prominent market analyst who drew attention in recent weeks to the dramatic slowdown in the country's economy and the effects of governmen...

Mayorkas says White supremacists pose ‘most prominent threatto US homeland

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The Department of Homeland Security has assessed that "the greatest terrorism-related threat that we face in the homeland is the threat of domestic violent extremism," Mayorkas gesê. Citing an "increase in hate" tha ...

Former Maine gubernatorial candidate and prominent Democrat donor arrested on child porn charges

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Eliot Cutler, 75, was arrested by the Maine State Police on March 25 at his Brooklin home, het 'n polisiewoordvoerder aan Fox News gesê. He is charged with four counts of possession of unlawful sexually explicit material of a...

EKSKLUSIEF: Prominent conservative judge who advised Pence on the 2020 election endorses Biden’s Supreme Court nominee

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The Biden White House is getting a major endorsement for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson from a prominent conservative. In a statement obtained exclusively by CNN, retired federal Judge J. Michael ...

Anti-COVID-entstofmandaat biskop in Puerto Rico onthef van leierskap deur die Vatikaan: Anti-war protests continue in Moscow, St Petersburg, prominent Russian celebrities join

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Russian authorities arrested over 1,700 individuals Thursday as citizens took to the streets of Moscow, St.. Petersburg and other major cities to denounce the invasion of Ukraine and demand an end to hostilities, akkommodasie ...

Rana Reider, prominent track and field coach, under investigation over sexual misconduct complaints

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Rana Reider, a prominent track and field coach, is being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct by the US Center for SafeSport, after complaints were made against him, his attorney tells CNN on Wednesday. Reider...

Prominent CRT opponent declares Youngkin win a ‘political sea changeand a ‘massive loss for Joy Reid

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"This is a political sea change," Rufo told Fox News on Tuesday night. "Glenn Younkin two months ago made fighting against critical race theory and the systematic state-sanctioned abuse of Virginia school kids, die c ...

Amid officiating changes, FTs down for some prominent stars

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The 6-foot-1, 164-pound Young, who made more free throws than anybody in the NBA last season, said he agreed with some of the changes, but he was clearly concerned some fouls are now being overlooked. KLIK HIER VIR ...

Prominent Hong Kong civil rights group disbands, citing government pressure

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Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), the pro-democracy group that organized some of Hong Kong's biggest protests, announced Sunday that it was disbanding -- the latest of a string of civic organizations that ha...

Mexico drug cartel threatens prominent news anchor

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Mexico City One of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels has threatened a prominent Mexican news anchor in a video message. In the video posted on Monday, a masked man claiming to be the leader of the Jalisco New Gen...

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